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Pleasant Shade is a tiny, nowhere place about an hour east of Nashville, Tennessee. When I contacted Glenn and Shirley from Peasant Shade (fellow members of Globalfreeloaders) in early 2003 to ask if I could stay with them during my travels, I reckon they were stunned. "Why would anyone be coming to Peasant Shade?" they must've asked themselves. Well, why not, I figured, and several months later I trundled up the long driveway to Glenn and Shirley's hand built log cabin.

A familiar sight, the big red barn, viewed from my bedroom window at Glenn and Shirley's.

The home at night.

One year and two weeks later, my travels saw me return to the US. I had made it as far as Madrid, Spain but in doing so I had finished my first book, "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" Guess where was the cheapest place I could find to publish my book? Tennessee. A little town called Collierville, just outside Memphis. This in itself was quite a coincidence. When I had first passed through Memphis more than a year earlier, I'd been unable to line up anyone to stay with. Fortunately I met two English guys at the Flying Saucer pub, and they let me sleep on the floor of their hotel room. A week or so later, as Memphis was nothing but a memory, I received an email from a guy called Andy, annoyed that I had passed through Memphis without staying with him. He had invited me some time earlier, but I had failed to update my records properly and didn't have it on file that Andy was in Tennessee. So I smiled as I emailed Andy a year later, telling him that I would be coming to stay with him after all, and asking if he knew a small town called Collierville. Well, of course you must know where this is heading... Andy and his family live in Collierville, just a mile or two from the printing company that was publishing my book!

I stayed with Andy for a couple of nights, and sorted out most of my book business. But there was a wedding I wanted to attend in Pleasant Shade, on the other side of Nashville...

Ted and Sonya, the mother and father of the bride, Ted resplendant in his dark coloured overalls.

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Soon I will set up a slide show of all my photos from both trips to Pleasant Shade. Y'all come back now, ya hear!!

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