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This is a far greater project than I could undertake alone. I would like to thank all the people who have been supportive of this venture.

Thanks Pug, for setting up my website. Thanks Andrew from SDQ DESIGNS, for teaching me everything I know about uploading and editing.

Thanks to Doctor Deb and the sexy staff at The Travel Doctor travellers medical vaccination centre here in Brisbane, for making sure I am covered against every nasty disease I may come across.

Thanks for the invitations and kind offers of accommodation from all over the world:

Surech K. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tomomi M. from Nagoya, Japan
Sandy, from Singapore
Hon Meng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Brian M. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Amy D. from China
Neng, from Bangkok, Thailand
Hack, from Bangkok, Thailand
Roy L. from Singapore
Lai Peng from Singapore
Afat S. from Malaysia
Verena S. from Jakarta, Indonesia
Lin L. from Penang, Malaysia
Stacey L. from Taiwan
Ken C. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Ken's home page
Daniel from Singapore
Robert from Cheongju, South Korea
Shane W. from Masan, South Korea
Wai Mun T. from Singapore
Shannon from Seoul, South Korea
Suzanne J. from Jakarta, Indonesia
Aaron T. from Malaysia
Abdullah and Azmah from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia
Frank B. from Singapore
Dick and Carol G. from Singapore
Emie from Malaysia Emie's home page
Kay G. from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sunny from Beijing, China
Norihiro T. from Japan
Osman E. from Kelanatan, Malaysia
Kerstin M. from Saga, Japan
Tetsuya S. from Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan
Dennis S. from Tianjin, China Dennis' home page, in Russian! - but some interesting pics
Dan T. from Singapore

Veronique L. from Montreal, Quebec
Sheree from Vancouver, British Columbia
Katy M. from Joliette, Quebec
Deb B. from Guelph, Ontario
Bob T. from Quebec City, Quebec
Cindy P. from Nanaimo, British Columbia
Ryan C. from Canada
Lilia and Ian from Powell River, British Columbia Lilia and Ian's website
Camille B. from Montreal, Quebec
Trish S. from Calgary, Alberta Trish's website
Peter L. from Vancouver, British Columbia
Kurtis F. from Saskatoon, Saaskatchewan
Alison H. from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Claire M. from Toronto, Ontario....Ontarians must be the friendliest people in the world- look at them all below!
Kelly L. from Moose Jaw, Saaskatchewan
Gail E. from Vancouver, British Columbia
Mark W. from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brennagh from 'not sure at the moment', Canada
Don and Anna G. from Windsor, Ontario
David M. from Kelowna, British Columbia
Kirk H. from Toronto, Ontario
Simon G. from Vancouver Simon's website
Joanne C. from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jennifer C. from Wellington, Ontario
Anne C. from Victoria, British Columbia
Jen from Vancouver, British Columbia Jen's home page
Lisa E. from Toronto, Ontario
Tony E. from Langham, Saaskatchewan
Brenda and Rick, from Sarnia, Ontario
Jude B. from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
John S. from Montreal, Quebec
Donna R. from Moncton, New Brunswick
Francois V. from Montreal, Quebec
Mary L. from Cornwall, Ontario
Mhaire C. from Lethbridge, Alberta
Mary K. from London, Ontario
Ericka C. from (where's my atlas??) Iqaluit, Nunavut
Lucille and Gery B. from Burlington, Ontario
Nathalie T. from Montreal, Quebec
Jenni B. from Canada. Congratulations to Jenni; getting married in August!
Justin P. from London, Ontario
Lee B. from Saltspring, near Ganges, British Columbia Lee's home page
Deb V. from Edson, Alberta
Joanne T. from Halifax, Nova Scotia (where they float down the river on truck tubes, drinking Corona!)
Christie O. from Edmonton, Alberta
Tony D. from Blenheim, Ontario
Kate and Paul S. from Niagara Falls, Ontario
Susanne P. from Toronto, Ontario
Greg from Canada
Nicole D. from Toronto, Ontario Nicole's home page
Meriah and her Mum, from Cherryville, British Columbia
Jeannette M. from Kelowna, British Columbia
Ee Lin from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Hillary C. from Edmonton, Alberta
Laurier M. from Quebec

United Kingdom
Claire H. from Southern Yorkshire
'Nev' from Aberdeen, Scotland
Jo R. from London, England
Benjamin D. from England
Lousie H. from London, England
Wendy L. from Stoke on Trent, England
Dorothy J. from Porthcawl, Wales
Mike H. from Lancashire, England
S.S from Brighton, England
Catherine B. from London, England
Phil S. from Warwickshire, England
Andy S. from southern UK
Tom P. from Cheltenham, England
Howie C. from Devon, England, author of one of my favourite travel books
Graham and Allison, from Edinburgh, Scotland
Lisa J. from Glasgow, Scotland
Peter M. from York, England
Suzanne and Timo from Stoke-on-Trent, England
Rebecca S. from Brighton, England

Maria from Helsinki, Finland
Christian P. from Austria
Helena K. from Prague, Czech Republic
Jenny A. from Sweden
Christine C. from Alicante, Spain
Panu S. from Finland
Wojtek J. from Warsaw, Poland
Soren N. from Denmark
Ilona from Finland
Helena N. from Finland
Kristjan K. from Estonia
Keremcan B. from Ankara, Turkey
Elena O. from Kosice, Slovakia
Juraj from Bratislava, Slovakia
Mariska from Groningen, Netherlands
Pier from Miseno, Italy
Christophe D. from Gent, Belgium
Kimmo K. from Helsinki, Finland
Nigel M. from Nachod, Czech Republic
Jan H. from Prague, Czech Republic
Sanna K. from Turku, Finland
Pablo, from Spain *at the moment
Stine from Stryn, Norway
Rebeca G from Spain
Anna from Ivanovo, Russia
Arlo R. from Ljubljana, Slovenia
Natasha P. from Russia
Lessia from St Petersburg, Russia
Olga S. from Kiev, Ukraine
Adela M. from Trnava, Slovak Republic
Peter F. from Arhus, Denmark
Elina from St Petersburg, Russia
Max M. from Ukraine
Dusan from Slovakia
Vincent G. from Slovakia
'Nailka' from Moscow, Russia
Olga from Russia
Vlado L. from Prague, Czech Republic
Richard B. from UK
Maxim M. from Irkutsk, Russia
Nata from Krasnodar, Russia
Jana K. from Slovakia
Larissa P. from St. Petersburg, Russia
Marcin D. from Poland
Andrey F. from Moscow, Russia
Ondra P. from Prague, Czech Republic
Elizabeth H. from Istanbul, Turkey
Anisya from Russia
Zhenya from Obninsk, Russia
Julie T. from Moscow, Russia
Eivin H. from Denmark
Valeri S. from Moscow, Russia
'Slava' from Russia
Guryanov P. from Siberia, Russia
Jonathon S. from Hamburg, Germany
Tomas K. from Caceres, Spain

Central and South America/ The Carribean etc.
Gabriel G. from Venezuela
Alexandra B. from Quito, Ecuador
Paulina G. from Chillan, Chile
Cotyna S. from Rosario, Argentina
Mauricio D. from Chile
Marisa A. from Rosario, Argentina
Alejandra from Talc, Chile
Gabriela R. from Asuncion, Paraguay
Joao Paolo G. from Brazil
Rita A. from Rosario, Argentina
Victor V. from Florianopolis, Brazil
Yael, from Rosario, Argentina
Regina from Rosario, Argentina- a very friendly town!
Alberto C. from Argentina
Ricardo V. from Brazil
Elton H. from Maringa, Brazil
Luis M. from Escuintla, Guatemala
Estuardo V. from Villa Nueva, Guatemala
Selvin G. from Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Dinorah R. from Boca Del Rio, Mexico
Reynold from Panama
Mario V. from Los Mochis, Mexico
Camile, near Sao Paolo, Brazil
Alfredo E. from Mexico
Percy V. from Heredia, Costa Rica
Rafael F. from Sao Paolo, Brazil
'Uncle Che' from Havana, Cuba
'Kouprey' from Pueblo, Mexico
Juan M. from Guatemala City, Guatemala
Marc from Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Lina Z. from Bogota, Columbia
Martha F.
Mikhail M. from Mexico City, Mexico
Manolo M. from Volcan, Panama
Lia T.
Rogelio B.
Omar F. from Mexico City, Mexico
Osvaldo O. from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hugo V. from Mexico City, Mexico
Alberto M. from Mexico
Debby L. from Guatemala City, Guatemala
Camila P. from Sao Paolo, Brazil
Michelle from Mexico
Juan V. from Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Dionne S. from Kingston, Jamaica
Lucia G. from Morelia, Mexico
Maria F. from Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Lucio W. from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Aline from Brazil
Fred P. from Acre State, Brazil
Hugo from Tampico, Mexico
Enrique A. from Mexico City, Mexico
Mariana C. from Queretaro, Mexico
Francesca C. from Vitoria, Brazil
Fernando E. from Santiago, Chile

Unfortunately, this project will not get very far without financial support. If you would like to follow me as I undertake this journey, and can spare just a few dollars, that is great. Every little bit helps. If you would like to promote your business on my website, add a link to your own website, or help out in any way, please contact me.

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Thanks again for visiting the savage files and a big thank you for your help.

you can make a contribution on-line via safe and secure pay-pal by clicking the button below, or send your contribution, with your details, to Stephen Savage, PO Box 121, Clayfield, Q 4011, Australia

Thanks to some great companies from all over the world:

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United States
Etleva C. from Washington D.C
Kristie from Cazenovia, New York
Felix and Andi from San Gabriel, California
Roseanne B. from Salem, Oregon
Jeff B. from Anchorage, Alaska
Terry from Seattle, Washington
Deboarh I. from Greenfield, Indiana
Christy, Mike and Brian from Longview, Washington
Daniel C. from Conway, Arkansas
Dave and Jeanne, from Indianapolis, Indiana
Casey F. from Anchorage, Alaska
Sara K. from Kentucky
Kami W. from Boise, Idaho
Anna from Cincinatti, Ohio
Maureen, from the US
Maureen C. from Wilmington, Delaware
Ron R. from Eugene, Oregon
Louise, from St Louis, Missouri
Heather F. from Portland, Maine
Honey from Hawaii
Sue M. from Mishawaka, Indiana
Beau B. from Austin, Texas
Lindsey S. from Chicago, Illinois
Mike and Diane G. from Dubuque, Iowa, where they now have indoor plumbing!
Candace D. from Detroit, Michigan
Helga W. from Tok, Alaska
Josh W. and family, from Wichita, Kansas
Tom P. from Salt Lake City, Utah
Dustin M. from Daytona Beach, Florida
Jane H. from Chicago, Illinois
Betty S. from Amarillo, Texas
Nadyne N. from Belleair, Florida
Teresa S. from Asheville, North Carolina
Kim from Port Hadlock, Washington
Shannon C. from Cleveland, Ohio
Gene B. from Lafayette, Louisiana
Jim A. from Deerfield, New Hampshire
Michelle C. from Washington DC, Maryland
Zacary M, from a cool little town outside Nashville, Tennessee
Samuel R. from Brooklyn, New York
Elyse M. from Florida
Ned and Ellen S. from Sauk City, Wisconsin
Jim and Nel B. from Norfolk, Virginia
Teri and Bill from Fairbanks, Alaska
Justin C. from Skagway, Alaska
Andru B. from South Haven, Michigan
Carol H. from New York City, New York
Karen 'bunny' B. from Nevada City, California
Dennis C. from Chicago, Illinois
Todd H from maybe Utah, maybe California
Phil C. from Greeley, Colorado
Alice S. from Fort Myers, Florida
Supriyo and Sangeeta from Burlington, Massachussetts
Nicole from Sonora, California
Tuan and Nam-Huong, from Texas
Lynn and John from Pinon Hills, California
Rhonda N. from Venice, California
Bythos L. from Chico, California
Oscar S. from Champaign, Illinois
Janice T. from Sacramento, California
Danica S. from California
Marcie A. from Rockport, Maine
Rachel and Billie from Morro Bay, California
Doan N. from Santa Monica, California
Brian and Candice from Sacramento, California
Phil G. from Cooper Hill, Missouri
JD S. from San Rafael, California
Debbie the roofer from Sacramento, California
Jimmy K. from Sacramento, California
Mike C. from San Diego, California
Shawn S. from Charlotte, North Carolina
Fredi D. from Boston, Massachussets
Bethany P. from Wilmington, North Carolina
Phillip J. from Santa Cruz, California
Christena G. from Oakland, California
Melanie C. from Palo Alto, California
Christina L. from Irvine, California
Michelle C. from Lusby, Maryland
Emily B. from San Francisco, California
Rob K. from Encinitas, California
Vanessa B. from Lake Forest, California
Chris C. from La Habra Heights, California
June G. from Orland, California
Heidi L. from Morro Bay, California
Patrick B. from Laguna Beach, California
Tom from Boston, Massachussets
Pat S. from Louisville, Kentucky
Heather Y. from Maryland
Katt H. from Somerville, Massachussets
Katia from Boulder, Colorado
Randi S. from Boston, Massachussets
John C. from Boston, Massachussets
Jill I. from Ashland, Oregon
Mark P. from Louisville, Kentucky
Chris N. from Louisville, Kentucky
Adam E. from Santa Cruz, California
Dave D. from Overland Park, Kansas
Tina T. from Bronston, Kentucky
Joy R. from Chicago, Illinois
Eve H. from Berkely, California
Steven P. from Des Moines, Iowa
Keith M. from Driggs, Idaho
Michelle M. from Chicago, Illinois
Pamela S. from Chicago, Illinois
Sheryl G. from Fort Dodge, Iowa
Laurie J. from Batavia, Illinois
Will W. from Chicago, Illinois
Aaron S. from Davenport, Iowa
Amanda T. from Dowagiac, Michigan
Dennis W. from Nome, Alaska Dennis' radio station website
Phil D. from Phoenix, Arizona Phil's spectacular photographic website
Brit W. from Montana
George G. from Burnsville, North Carolina
Tim K. from Eugene, Oregon
Patrick N. from Dowagiac, Michigan Patrick's website
Rayven from Russell, Kentucky
Kerry W. from Orrville, Ohio
Alisa from Chicago, Illinois
Kevin from New York City
James A. from Boulder, Colorado
Kacey -or Kacey's Dad- from Fort Collins, Colorado Kacey's website
Kishore from Fresno, California
Brian R. from San Diego, California
Jack T. from Palm Desert
Craig W. from New York City
Shelly S. from Starkville, Mississippi
Vince P. from Detroit, Michigan
Viswanath T. from Mountain View, California
Melissa H. from New York City
Ken B. from Oakland, California
Lata K. from New York City
Doyice and Mary from Statesboro, Georgia
Kevin L. from New Mexico
Melanie K. from Portland, Oregon
Amy F. from Walla Walla, Washington
Anthony A. from Cincinatti, Ohio
Marc aka Mike, from New York City
Kim R. from Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jeremy T. from San Louis Obispo, California
Joe from Detroit, Michigan
Gayle from Boston, Massachusetts
Erica T. from Berkeley, California
Jannel B. from Baltic, South Dakota
Bob W. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Cecil and Tina from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Sara G. from Staten Island, New York
Joseph K. from New York City
Erin P. from Flagstaff, Arizona
Bonnie and David from Pasadena, Maryland
Jerry A. from Houston, Texas
Teresa O. from Cleveland, Ohio
Chris D. from Des Moines, Iowa
Tommie H. from Austin, Texas
Pat B. from Kansas, Missouri
Andy C. from Frederick, Maryland
Gary S. from McMinneville, Oregon
Jesse A. from Washington DC
Cory from Minneapolis, Minnessota
Greta H. from Minneapolis, Minnessota
Amber from St Louis, Missouri
Kerry C. from Seattle, washington
Mary L. from Minneapolis, Minnessota
Jenna from Sedalia, Missouri
Lynn, Robert and Micah from North Carolina
John B. from Auburn, Alabama
Angela B. from St Louis, Missouri
Leon S. from Traverse Cuty, Michigan
Alexie A. from Minneapolis, Minnessota
Elizabeth P. from Minneapolis, Minnessota
Ross H. from Minneapolis/ St Paul, Minnessota
Will T. from Bellingham, Washington
Jeff S. from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
Ryan J. from Corvalis, Oregon
Jesse R. from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Susan B. from Grant's Pass, Oregon
Charles D. from Denver, Colorado
Erika B. from Washington DC
Dan R. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kevin and Michelle H. from Salt lake City, Utah
Eric in his treehouse,from Vermont
Sean Q. from San Francisco Sean's website with awesome slide show
Nicola S. from New Orleans, Louisianna
Gernod S. from Albany, New York
Ben S. from Huffman, Texas
Tim L. from Nashville, Tennessee Tim's website 'World's Cheapest Destinations'
Arthur C. from Knoxville, Tennessee
Beth from Orlando, Florida
Tanna from Salem, Oregon
Kathleen C. from Houston, Texas
Pam and Allen from Dallas, Texas
Erin Q. from Cincinatti, Ohio
Glen and Shirley A. from Pleasant Shade, Tennessee
Theresa T. from Atlanta, Georgia
Beth M. from Austin, Texas
Corinne from Cleveland, Ohio
Sangeeta L. from Cleveland, Ohio
John and Joanne from Fremont, California
Tim and Suzan M. from Frisco, Texas
Greta D. from Lexington, Virginia
Rachel S. from Austin, TexasRachel's travelling website
Juris B. from El Paso, Texas
Duane M, from Knoxville, Tennessee; currently running amok in Eastern Europe!
David B. from Columbus, Ohio
Meghan S. from Las Vegas, Nevada. Viva Las Vegas! Meghan's webpage
Lorna from San Antonio, Texas
Hailey C. moving soon
Charlie from Daleville, Virginia
Scott P. from Alpine, Utah
Tessa O. from Salt Lake City, Utah
Kandy from Olympia, Washington
Stefan C. from Austin, Texas
Anne S. from Bellingham, Washington
Taryn G. from Olympia, Washington
Sheila and Gary M. from Port Angeles, Washington
Don and Anne Z. from Whidbey Island, Washington
Dewey M. from Denver, Colorado
Deon L. from Santa Cruz, California
Brent M. from near Woodland, Washington
Mathias W. from Blacksburg, Virginia
YokeFong L. from Seattle, Washington
Andreas H. from Atlanta, Georgia
Tammi S. from Centralia, Washington
Steven E. from Nashville, Tennessee
Gabriela E. from Colorado
Jeff H. from Atlanta, Georgia
Brenda L. from Milwaulkee, wisconsin
Myles E. from Milwaulkee, wisconsin
Pat D. from Athens, Georgia
Lisa K. from Ironwood, Michigan
Tim S. from Minnesota
Ruth T. from Los Angeles, California
David D. from Atlanta, Georgia
Rosemary S. from Tallahassee, Florida
Paul C. from Florida
Patricia D. from Miami Beach, Florida
Elizabeth A. from cambria, California
Hank S from Fort Lauderdale in the winter, New York or Ohio in the summer!
Christopher O. from Jacksonville, Florida
Ted M. from Berkeley, California
Tim B. from Fort Lauterdale, Florida
Dannette V. from Colorado Springs, Colorado
Spencer R. from Russellville, Arkansas
Rachel W. from Florida
Damara R. from Chicago, Illinois
Liz V. from Denver, Colorado
John B. from Grover Beach, California
Andres, from USA
Roman D. from Atlanta, Georgia
Steve S from Glendale Junction, California
Kyle P. from Hunstville, Alabama
Judith N. from Forestville, California
Vijay M. from Anaheim, California
Tara S. from Sedona, Arizona Tara's website
John R. from San Diego, California
Eileen from Phoenix, Arizona
Nancy L. from 'off the beaten track - my favourite place, Arizona
Joell A. from Denver, Colorado
Guillermo G. from Miami, Florida
Apryl M. from Moose Pass, in the heart of the Chugach National Forest (sounds nice doesn't it!), Alaska
Cap'n John from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tess from Toledo, Ohio Tess' website- Bed, Breakfast and Bike Midwest
Karen from Denver, Colorado
Beth B. from Baltimore Beth's home page
Stephen S. from San Francisco, California
Tonya Z. from Portland, Oregon
Sheila S. from New York City Sheila's home page
Mark Z. from Stockton, California
Jose E. from Boston, Massachusetts
Pat I. from Kona, Hawaii
Johna R. from Madison, Wisconsin
Francha and Ken
Matt V. from Austin, Texas
Al and Holly R. from Cool, California
Narayanan P. from Atlanta, Georgia
Chuck and Jane S. from Faber, Virginia
Ming P. from New York City
'Pink Eyed' Jim from Trenton, NJ
Ron and Karen D from Portland, Oregon
Denise O. from San Francisco, California
Toby L. from Minnesota
Brent E. from Springfield, Illinois
Alex B. from Wilmington, North Carolina
April K. from Hartford, Conneticut
Rebecca T. from Sierra Vista, Arizona(about 30 minutes from Tombstone, and 25 minutes from Bisbee, an hour's drive from Tucson, 20 miles from Mexico, and 45 minutes from Nogales, a major entrance point!!!!)
Kathleen.T. from Berkeley, California
Josh N. from Mississippi
Lettie from Seattle, Washington

Thanks to Boris B. from New York City for the Russian virtual Christmas card, which I didn't understand

To Ibrahim M.- originally from Alexandria, Egypt but now a true world traveller and citizen of the planet earth- thanks for your support and advice!

Thanks to Beverly Affleck from Denver, Colorado, who went to so much trouble to let me know that she has "no interest" in my project!

Thanks to my friends who call to let me know about spelling mistakes they've found in my text!

Thanks to all the people who have emailed me to let me know they will be following my travels.

Thanks to the good people who are members of the following websites, which I thoroughly recommend



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