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...well, maybe not 101, but a few!

Hi. Thanks for coming to this important page. If you think this is a worthwhile project, and you will be interested to follow my travels on this website, there are a multitude of ways you can help. But basically, there are two key elements this project needs if it is to succeed.

I am prepared to work tirelessly to keep this website fresh and interesting, and I am committed to bringing you regular updates -in the way of photographs, stories, and short video clips- from as many fascinating destinations as I can get to. I have the time and the energy, and the world is out there waiting. The two things I need are money and publicity. What I am undertaking is is a huge venture, and I cannot fund it alone. Publicity in any form may help me to establish a small amount of corporate sponsorship, in return for advertising space on my site.

Here is a list of ways you can help The Savage Files to succeed-

  • 1) Make a direct financial contribution- via mail, or by using safe and secure Pay Pal online.
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  • 4) Remember The Savage Files when you need travel insurance. When you purchase a travel insurance policy from World Nomads via a link in my website, I earn a substantial commission. Commission payments from World Nomads have been constantly growing as more and more of my readers are realizing the great value insurance they offer- policies tailor made to suit backpackers and independent budget travellers!
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  • 9) Offer to host me during my travels. Not only will this save me wasting my scarce resources on hotel or hostel accommodation, but it will make my project all the more interesting, both for me and for the others who follow my travels. Check out my thankyou page to see all the kind people who have already offered me free accommodation around the world, and the list is growing daily.
  • 10) Make thesavagefiles.com your home page. This way every time you log on, you will be able to read my most recent updates, and my site will recieve another all important hit.
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  • 12) Spread the word about The Savage Files. Email everyone in your address book. Tell your friends, tell your workmates, tell people you don't even like! Hell, tell people you don't even know!!
  • 13) Check in on The Savage Files from time to time. There is new stuff being added all the time. Browse through the couple of hundred photos from my past travels, read the stories. Have a go at the quizzes and competitions to win a prize. Check out The Not So Savage Files, a page devoted to people's positive experiences and memories of Bali and New York. You can submit your own photos or articles for that page, or general travel photos and travel stories for posting on the site. And of course, once I start travelling, there will be fresh updates daily, wherever possible- photos, video clips and stories of the places I've seen and the people I've met along the way. Who knows, one of them could be you!
  • 14) Make the site more interesting for everyone by contributing your own stories and photos.
  • 15) Support my sponsors. Sponsorship for this project is starting to trickle in. Sponsors banners and logos will be posted on various pages within the website. They will be able to track how many visits are referred from my website, so please take the time now and then to click on their link and check out what they have to offer. Maybe there's something in it for you, or maybe not and you've wasted sixty seconds of your time. I'd appreciate it.
  • 16) Use my messageboard. The messageboard is there to be used. It can be a very valuable travel resource, as not only myself but many other experienced travellers can answer your questions and give you some advice. The more you use it, the more likely others will use it too. It stores up to 300 messages before the oldest messages are automatically deleted. So get in there, and hit us with a question, help out with some advice, or set me a challenge!
  • 17) Give me some feedback. Often the only way I find out about a problem on the website, is if you tell me. Please report any faults, links that don't work, photos that don't load etc. You can email me with any advice or suggestions, by clicking here.

  • 18) Book your next tour or hostel/hotel room through the search engine on my main page.

  • 19) Check out my wishlist.

You can contact me through this web site and I will attempt to reply to you as soon as possible. Now please proceed to your chosen section by clicking on any of the text links or use the buttons at the top of the screen, or below. Thanks again for visiting the savage files and a big thank you for your help.

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