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Updated JUNE 2006 Over three years ago, this page sprang to life with a handful of simple travel quizzes, offering prizes like tshirts and drink coasters. Since then, through the support of thousands of readers and with the help of some great travel companies, it has evolved into a place where you can win some serious prizes! In a previous competition, two lucky winners each walked away with a brand new Daysafe secure day pack- valued at $100- from the good guys at Pac-Safe. And it's easy! All they had to do was say why they thought they should win a Daysafe!

Then with the release of my second boook, titled "Of Walls and Men" I put together a host of great prizes, ranging from sleeping mats, to a year's free travel insurance! And of course, another fantastic DaySafe from PacSafe. And now, another fantastic competition with a whole stash of prizes! If you aren't already on my mailing list to receive updates of new competitions and such, what can I say? DO IT NOW!!




* PAC-SAFE COMPETITION The good guys at Pac-safe have awarded a free Daysafe to each of TWO LUCKY WINNERS! The winners are... Judith from California, and Mary Kay from Ontario.
Congratulations Judith and Mary Kay! The Daysafe is a tremendous product, and I hope it helps you enjoy great travels without worrying about your valuables....COMPETITION CLOSED!


The results of the Couchsurfing competition are in. Casey from Couchsurfing emailed me this morning as he himself is Couchsurfing his way down the west coast of the USA. The two lucky winners who receive a free copy of my book "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" are Ted from Berkeley, California and Vladas from Vilnius in Lithuania. I stayed with Ted last year, and am happy that he is one of the winners. In case you don't remember, you might want to see some of the 'girls' I met when I stayed with Ted. I'm also happy that Vladas won, since I can deliver his book personally when I meet him in Vilnius in early January! ....COMPETITION CLOSED!

A Savage in the Sahara! The Savage Files book is on its way. Reserve your copy now! * BERBER RIDDLES COMPETITION
The Berbers in Morocco love telling riddles. When I was in the Sahara, I spent a few hours swapping riddles with some local Berbers. The first person to get all correct answers wins a signed copy of my book "..everywhere but Missouri, mate!" If no-one gets all the answers right, the winner will be the entrant with the highest number of correct answers at the time of the book's publication, hopefully late August. COMPETITION CLOSED! Winner - "Lucky Eddie" from Australia

* WORLD NOMADS COMPETITION THIS LOVELY PHOTO OF ME FEATURES SOME OF MY FAVOURITE TRAVELLING GEAR. Name the four companies whose products are visible in the photo- you may recognize their logos from the pages of my website- and win a very groovy World Nomads Tshirt.*oops! I just gave away one of the answers* If you want to add a funky World Nomads bottle-opener keyring, just answer this easy question- 'How much would twelve months travel insurance cost me on this project that I have planned?' *click on the World Nomads link above to visit their website for the answer* COMPETITION CLOSED! Winners - Brian from Malaysia, Jane from Saudi Arabia, Catherine from England, Ann from England

* READER'S PHOTO COMPETITION THIS BEAUTIFUL PHOTO WAS SENT IN BY A READER- guess where it is taken and win a Caribee Tshirt or baseball cap! Be as specific as you can, and obviously the reader who sent the pic is ineligible to enter! COMPETITION CLOSED! The photo was taken between the towns of Banff and Canmore, in Alberta, Canada. The winner is Tashi, destination unknown at this moment. Tashi has scored a cool Caribee baseball cap! Congratulations Tashi!

* THE EQUALLY INANE NAME GAME COMPETITION CLOSED! The winner with a perfect 20 out of 20 is Ann, from Portsmouth in England.Ann won a useful and fashionable kangaroo scrotum coin purse! Congratulations Ann!

* THE DIRTY DOZEN 'guess that photo' competition Twelve photos of my ugly mug, in twelve different countries. Guess which country is which!COMPETITION CLOSED! The winner with a perfect 12 out of 12 is Howard C. from Devon, England. Howard has chosen the tasteful and functional cane toad coin purse! Congratulations Howard!

* THE U.S. DIRTY DOZEN 'guess that photo' competition Twelve photos of my ugly mug, in twelve different states of America. Guess which state is which! COMPETITION CLOSED! The winner with a perfect 12 out of 12 is Jane A. from Saudi Arabia, originally from England. Jane has chosen the Story Bridge Cockroach Races T-shirt! Congratulations Jane!

* STUPID TRAVEL QUIZ #1 COMPETITION CLOSED! The winner with a practically unbeatable 18 out of 20, is Glenn A. from Pleasant Shade, Tennessee, USA. Glenn has chosen the set of six colourful Australiana drink coasters. Congratulations Glenn!

* STUPID TRAVEL QUIZ #2 COMPETITION CLOSED! The winner with a practically unbeatable 17 out of 20 is Germaine G. from Los Angeles, California, USA. Germaine is yet to respond to claim her prize.

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