"Running With The Bulls" is a collection of the best of the best of Spanish food; thirty-eight of our favourite recipes that represent a broad cross section of the national cuisine; recipes that you will definitely use! Included are a range of Spain's famous refreshing chilled summer soups, a couple of heart warming winter soups and casseroles, and our favourite tasty tapas and starters. There are a couple of interesting Spanish salads, three scrumptious sauces that you can make (plain old potatoes will never be the same again!), and no less than seventeen main dishes, covering the whole range of foods, from chicken dishes to fish, assorted meats, and even a couple for the vegetarians amongst you. There are four varieties of Paella- each specially chosen for their uniqueness- ranging from the traditional Valencian Paella to a delicious vegetarian alternative, and a simple Paella recipe that anyone can make. We top the collection off with five different Spanish desserts, and even a couple of refreshing cocktails... of course! I guarantee you'll be dancing Flamenco while you cook.

The latest addition to The Savage Files library is a joint effort, co-authored by my girlfriend Maria. Together, we have gathered together our favourite Spanish dishes and- after exhaustive, calorie-packed research- have compiled, translated and rewritten the recipes in easy-to-understand English. But this is much more than a cookbook. "Running With The Bulls" is illustrated with over seventy of my best photographs from my time in Madrid and around Spain... IN FULL COLOUR!!

Because Christmas is just around the corner, I'm giving this book away at stupid prices, just $US12 for the first copy, and $US10 for further copies in the same order. Postage is a measley $US3 within North America and $US5 for the rest of the world. AND this is a flat rate.. that is, orders of two, three or twenty books still go for that one flat rate PER ORDER!

BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE!! Combine your order of "Running With The Bulls" with a purchase of"Everywhere but Missouri, Mate!" or "Of Walls and Men", and ...I'll pay the postage on the entire order!

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"Steve Savage is a manic, resourceful, and insatiably curious traveler. His willingness to let the winds of fate pick him up and carry him in new directions shine through in "Everywhere but Missouri Mate!" This woven collection of stories ... illustrates journeys that few of us have the guts to take ourselves... the result is a long list of adventures. An entertaining and enlightening read." -Tim Leffel, "The World's Cheapest Destinations"

There are a a small number of copies of this limited edition book left and ready for delivery. To see how you can get your hands on one (or two...or three) click here. (reader reviews below)

"But what's it about?" "Everywhere but Missouri, Mate!" is about my travels and experiences in North America. It's a recount of my adventures, but also my thoughts and observations on the places I visited and the people I met. The majority of the material in the book stems from my 15 000 mile hitchhiking trip in 2003, from Alaska to California, to Quebec and Florida, but don't forget I've crisscrossed the continent twice before, and you may find me reflecting on the differences I've witnessed over the intervening eleven years.


It's not a typical travel story book at all, in that it doesn't start at the beginning and end at the end. Each chapter has it's own theme, meaning that within one chapter such as chapter 26. The Long Arm Of The Law' there will be tales from my first trip in 1992 when I found myself with a California Highway patrolman's pistol levelled at my forehead, as well as stories from my drive across America in 1994, when I earnt my reputation as an outlaw, and then on this latest adventure of course I ended up in the back seat of a patrol car again.


There are some chapters that focus on a single city, or state or region. For example, 'New York- a city stirred, not shaken', 'This City She Loves Me, This City Of Angels', and 'The Pub With No Beer- Life in a dry county'. In many of these cases, my travels have taken me back to a place I'd been before and especially in New York City, I felt the changes that the turbulent decade has brought. Los Angeles, which offered me so much love and laughter in 1992, was eleven years later a dried out old hag that left me shuffling my feet and wondering whether my cherished memories were anything more than pathetic fantasies. Life in a dry county however, remains as dull as ever!


It's not a quick read, either. It weighs in at over 320 pages, with thirty-four chapters, including an extensive Australian slang dictionary!



"Freaking awesome!"- Chris, California, USA

"An interesting read, cover to cover"- Juris, Texas, USA

"It's not crap!"- Maria, Madrid, Spain

"A great book"- Sebastian, Hannover, Germany

"I can't put down the book"- Judith, California, USA

"A fun read"- Daniel, Arkansas, USA

"I finally got around to finishing the first book on holiday in the few spare moments I had on buses and at airports - brilliant, loved it. It was really as if you were sitting there with me telling stories when I was reading."- Eleanor, Redhill, England

"I finished reading "Everywhere but Missouri mate" and must say it was a great read...I have done quite a bit of hitching... and could relate to some of your experiences. Now I am waiting for your next book to arrive."-Andy, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Enjoyed "Missouri" thoroughly. I intended to pace myself by reading chapter a day, so stuck it in the "library" bookshelf (AKA "the loo"). Turned out that I couldn't put it down, so pretty much sat there till I finished. It took 3 days for the ring around my butt to fade away. My wife enjoyed it, too, but insisted on reading it in bed. Suspicious, that. But more comfortable, for sure."- Richard, Singapore

"A tremendous achievement. I much prefer a book like (this) than a .. over corrected rejigged version based on the advice from experts"- Steve, UK

"I am close to finishing and I love it so far!"- Tom, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"I have been reading it every night on the train home from work. So far it's hilarious !!"- Mark, London, England

"It's better than I thought it would be!"- Ryan, Oregon, USA (better than he thought it would be? What does that mean???)

"eager to read more"- Duncan, Sydney, Australia

"most entertaining, and in fact quite unputdownable!!"-Jon, Calpe, Spain

"very natural voice, very fun to read, very un-put-downable - felt like we were sitting in the pub having a yarn :-)"- Rebecca, Brighton, England

"enjoyed it a great deal!"-Jim, Virginia, USA

"It works well because it seems fresh and honest. There's loads of funny stories I've enjoyed and some parts that are really touching"-Matt, Oxford, England

"Very snappy. And funny."- Sara, Colorado, USA

"..certainly has the gift of the gab."- Helen, Marseilles, France

"Nearly pissed myself laughing in the chapter about Australia!"- Eddie, Brisbane, Australia

"The comedy was excellent."- Mark, London, England

"(I read it) Front to back, 3 days!"- David, Indiana, USA

".. a well-judged level of discretion and interest. I'm devouring it and know that my wife also thoroughly enjoyed it."- Keith, Bletchingley, England

"I don't like the drinking or some of the language."- The author's Mum

"I did enjoy the book a lot. Read it quickly which is good because that means it held my attention. However, I agree with your mom, too much focus on drinking beer and don't like the bad language. Thanks. Will order (has ordered) the next one"-Jamette, Oklahoma, USA

... ...


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(reader reviews are below) and you can read a magazine review of "Of Walls And Men" here

The latest addition to The Savage Files library picks up where "Everywhere but Missouri, Mate!" left off, as my 15 000 mile hitchhiking odyssey around North America has come to an end, and I find myself cold and lonely in London. It is a tale of hardship and despair, of romance and intrigue, of hope and promise, of deserts and frozen rivers, hot Spanish nights and sunny Paris afternoons. As with "Everywhere but Missouri, Mate" it is a testament to the kindness and compassion of the human race, and the fascinating place that is this little blue and green planet that we share.


The twenty-seven chapters follow my journeys through ten intriguing and varied countries. The story begins with a heartbreaking personal crisis and a cold English winter, living in a tiny loft space above a garage in a small village south of London. I eat chips on a pebble beach, walk on ancient walls, collect pheasant eggs and try yet again to teach the English that beer should be consumed cold, regardless of the climate.


Desperate for some sunshine, I dash south to Morocco. Morocco turns out to be a far more interesting country than I expected, and for six weeks I drift around from cheap hotel to cheap hotel, cafe to cafe, from the Sahara Desert to the lush Todra Gorge, and from the bewildering medieval medina of Fez to the celebrations of the five day African music festival in Essauoira.


Through a strange twist of fate, my arrival in Spain not only signals the one year mark for this trip, but another surprise. A tiny village in the Andalucian mountains becomes my home for a month. After that, Madrid is a welcome return to civilization, and I revelled in this wonderful country's fiestas and siestas. Madrid also threw me a great surprise....


But I'm not one to sit still, so as Europe plunged into winter, what better place to head than Russia... only this time I was not alone....



...Oh, and thanks for your feedback! I asked everyone who bought "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" to give me their feedback, good or bad. Here's proof that I listened:

1) "Where are the photographs?" you asked. Well, believe it or not, I really didn't think there would be that much interest in my photographs. But I was wrong. So, in response to your request "Of Walls and Men" contains dozens of photographs (black and white, of course) from my travels.

2) Some of you said that the font style used for the contents page, and the chapter headings was difficult to read. Well, that was easy. I just used a clearer font.

3) A few of you said that the main font type was too small, so this time I've used a slightly larger font. Just half a size larger, otherwise "Of Walls and Men" would resemble a pre-school reader. SEE DICK. SEE PAM. SEE DIGGER CHASE SPOT.

4) One reader commented that by the last few chapters of "Everywhere but Missouri, mate!" it had started to become a big repetitive...then I went here, then I went there. I wasn't offended. Perhaps more people thought that, and he was the only one honest enough to say so. Anyway, I'm confident that "Of Walls and Men" doesn't fall into that trap. To begin with, over the course of this book, I often stayed in the one place for an extended period of time- three months in a small village in southern England, one month in the isolation of the Andalucian Mountains in Spain, several months in Madrid. Also, while "Everywhere but MIssouri, Mate!" was concerned almost solely with my own personal experiences, you'll find that the stories in "Of Walls and Men" (particularly the last ten or twelve chapters) are laced with the fascinating history of the countries that I travelled through.


"Reading (this book) rekindles memories... It gives me enthusiasm to visit certain places there... I am impressed" Andrew, Edinurgh

"(my friend) shared with me last week that he received his copy and thought it was better than the first book" Laurabeth, Washington, USA

"just finished reading and enjoyed your books..they are inspirational to say the least!" Dave, Queensland, Australia

"Joyous day; my copy of 'Of Walls and Men' has arrived! My delight is only matched by that of my postman - for whom today is a day of great relief, and the end of a long and harrowing road. So convinced was I that he had stolen my personal copy of "Of Walls & Men" that I have in recent weeks been in the habit of hanging him upsidedown by the ankles and giving him a good shake to see if my copy of "Of Walls & Men" would drop out from wherever he had hidden it." Mark, London

and after actually reading the book... "I've just finished reading "Of walls and men"....Wow !! What a masterpiece ! It was a gripping read from start to finish. Thoroughly enjoyable and very entertaining. Your writing style has certainly developed very well since your first book.... as soon as Maria enters the story your writing just explodes into page after page of literary genius. It's really gripping stuff and hysterically funny in parts." Mark, London

"not only I took profit of your book, but as well 2 wagons full of the metro every day to university and back home, believe me, people staring confused at the girl reading this book without realising at what station she is, laughing out loud several times. (she´s got to be crazy- NO she is reading Savage!)
When a page ended -shit-stress, i have to get off, quickly packing all my stuff and jump out of the metro - another time shaking heads of people in the metro - who cares? :)
moreover i enjoyed "of walls and men" because of its different adventures, from britain to spain to marokko, germany, russia...so many different countries in one book, makes it so incredible interesting and something new to expect in every chapter! It was written so vivid with all your personal stories and friends you met during your travel. A great book! I liked it so much!"
Susanna, Austria

"Just finished reading " OF WALLS AND MEN' today and wanted to say Congratulations on a great read, but I must admit I am exhausted trying to keep up with you . You are always go! go! go! either at work or at play."Denise, Australia