January 2006 -->Madrid, Spain.

Tuesday 10th January, Madrid, Spain - back from Australia, and some fresh humour

Tuesday 17th January, Madrid, Spain - settling back in, and some more airline humour

Tuesday 31st January, Madrid, Spain - a mountain barbecue in sub-freezing temperatures, and a new way to surf The Savage Files

February, March, April - a new home

February, March, April - housewarming parties and other happenings around Madrid

February, March, April - another trip to France

February, March, April - a visit with family

Thursday 25th May, Madrid, Spain - jokes, funny photos and videoclips, and the chance to win the trip of a lifetime!

July, somewhere else, Spain - Lost in the Andalucian mountains?

September, Madrid, Spain -

working night and day on our top-secret project!

October, Madrid, Spain -

visits from friends and family.

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