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Saturday 2nd October (October already?), Pleasant Shade, Tennessee, USA

Thank God the cook's back! Shirley works Monday to Thursday in Murfreesboro, an hour's drive away. Rather than commute every day, she stays with her daughter there Monday through Wednesday nights. Hence Glenn and I have been surviving on Bud Light, chips and dip, and frozen pizza for the last few days. Now that Shirley is back, there's real food on the dinner table, and sausage, eggs and home made biscuits for breakfast!

Tucking into a tasty meal of Chicken stir fry, a welcome change from potato chips and dip!

Yesterday marked the end of the work week for Glenn and I. We had plasterboarded -drywalled- the upstairs, torn out the old kitchen (my favourite job) and plasterboarded that room as well, built a front deck, and a covered back porch, and replaced all the windows in the house with snazzy new smooth sliding aluminium framed jobs. It was a job well done, and time for some recreation...

Glenn and Shirley lined up to board the General Jackson, in Carthage, Tennessee..Paddle wheel, Cumberland River.

This morning, we all rose early in time to board the riverboat General Jackson on the Cumberland River in nearby Carthage. It was a breakfast cruise fitted with an overflowing buffet of sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits, donuts and muffins. Top that off with a couple of fiesty margaritas from the ship's bar, and you've got a very pleasant way to spend a morning in Tennessee.

Shirley showing off her muscles!.Pumpkins, street fair in Carthage, Tennessee.

At the risk of excitement overload, we stopped in Carthage on the way home, to check out their street fair. The main street had been closed off, and was filled with little stalls selling caramel apples, homemade candles, handcrafts and my favourite, Bush-Cheney Tshirts. (Don't tell Maria, but I bought her one as a gift!)

The morning on the water had made me sleepy -nothing to do with the cocktails- so when we got home at three o'clock I hit the sack. A couple of hours' siesta and I was more than ready to revisit the Cherokee Steakhouse in nearby Galatin. Last year, when I stayed with Glenn and Shirley, they'd taken me to Cherokee, and I don't mind admitting it was the best steak I've ever had. Tonight, I ordered the blackened prime rib, and I think it was even better than the fillet I had last time. Makes me wonder why all restaurants can't cook steak like that. What is everyone else doing wrong?

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