Tuesday 16th September. Pleasant Shade, Tennessee USA

Burnt out! I was exhausted by the time I got to Pleasant Shade. There's only three weeks left before I have to be out of the US, and I just wasn't in any shape to keep going at this pace. There's so many people I want to visit between now and then but I needed to stop for a while and catch my breath. Also, there's a bit of behind the scenes 'housekeeping' that I haven't had a chance to sort out, not the least of which is to organize hosts for the next few weeks, and get my dang *dang is Southern for damn* messageboard up and running again. My hosts Glenn and Shirley were kind enough to let me hide out here on their 150 acre property for as long as I need. I guess I'll probably head north on the weekend, if I've come back to life by then!

My route to New England will be as follows: Kentucky, Cincinnatti, Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, New York, Southbury, Boston, Portland, Rockport...then quickly across the border to CANADA!

Cindy from Nanaimo sent me some pictures of funny road signs, which I've added to my Funny Signs slide show. You can find a link to the slide shows near the bottom left hand corner of the main page. Thanks Cindy!

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