Sunday 14th September. Pleasant Shade, Tennessee USA

Another challenge successfully completed! You may have read in my journal update from the 3rd of September about the Peruvian Paso challenge. A reader with an interest in this unusual breed of horse, wants me to post a photo of myself on a Peruvian Paso. In return, she will contribute a hundred bucks to this project. That's a hundred Aussie dollars- around seventy greenbacks. Well, I mentioned it to Jeff last night at dinner, and today Glenn got a phone call telling us to drop everything and come over to Jeff's place. Jeff had contacted a horse breeder in a neighbouring village and as luck would have it, she has Peruvian Paso's.

I found out that the Peruvian Paso's uniqueness is in it's gait. When it makes any pace faster than a slow walk, its front legs make a kind of paddling motion, swinging out to the side, and the horse's feet hit the ground in a one, two, three, four rhythm, just like rock and roll.

Me on Nomas, bareback! Proof.

Thanks to Polly for letting me ride her Peruvian Paso, and thanks to Jeff for contacting Polly and driving me over there. Y'all are tops!

Don't forget that the only way I can make it around the world is with support from readers of this website. If you've been considering issuing me a challenge, go ahead. Make my day. While my Messageboard is down *sigh* you can email your challenge to me, and I'll copy it onto my Challenge Steve page. You can send me an email by clicking on the email logo near the top of the journal page. Bring it on!