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Wednesday 2nd July 1:00 p.m. Vancouver!

Woo hoo! Here I am in sunny Vancouver. That's in British Columbia, Canada. Not a bad flight thanks for asking, as far as spending nearly twenty hours on a plane goes. From Brisbane to Tokyo I had a window seat and two empty seats next to me.. stretch out comfort zone! Yummy Kirin beer. Then from Tokyo to here I found myself upstairs in 'Seasons' class. Not sure what I did to deserve that but I didn't complain... metre-wide seat, personal TV screen with your choice of half a dozen new release movies, superior food...choice of three beers! To make it even more ridiculous, I had the very front 'bulkhead' seat, so there would have been ample legroom for someone twice my height. Thanks JAL! Sexy attendants too...

yes, please sleeping in style

Even in all that comfort I didn't sleep much. The early part of the flight I tried to keep myself awake watching videos. 'Maid in Manhattan' didn't work so well, and I eventually nodded off for a few hours. Now it's after 1:00pm and I'm exhausted after three almost sleepless nights, but I'm determined to stay awake till nighttime and get my body clock quickly back on track. If what I'm writing seems a little garbled, that's why.

the looong sunset between Japan and Canada as we flew back in time snow capped mountains as we descended into Vancouver

I'm writing this from an apartment on the beach in downtown Vancouver. My host Gail was one of the first people to offer to host me, many months ago when I first started the website. She was kind enough to pick me up from the airport, even though this is actually a work day for her. Gail has what many of us -including Homer Simpson- would consider a dream job...working from home, connected to work by computer. She's hooked my laptop up to her ADSL cable, and while I'm tapping away here, she's busy working in the other room.

My brain just stopped working, so I'll try to load a couple of photos on here, and leave it at that for today.

Monday 30th June 11:00 p.m. Brisbane

Sorry I haven't updated ovet the last couple of days, but I didn't want to jinx myself by saying anything prematurely. Now that I have an airline ticket in my pocket, I think it's safe to let you know.

Yes, you guessed it...


I depart Brisbane on Wednesday morning, and due to an incredibly fast jet *or perhaps the time difference* I will be arriving in Vancouver, Canada just two hours later. A flight to Anchorage would have cost an extra $500, so I'm just gonna get straight into the adventure and after a pit stop in Vancouver, you'll find me standing by the highway with my thumb out, hopefully in the direction of Alaska! I'm guessing midsummer with such long hours of sunlight should see me in Anchorage within three days. Once I get to Alaska I'm going to ...um...going to..I'm not sure what I'm going to do! That's the greatest thing about this project- I have no schedule to keep to, no deadlines except for the obvious visa regulations, no restriction (not even good taste!) I hope to offer entertainment, amusement, education, and inspiration (if you want it) with the photos and stories that I post on the website, and speaking of poor taste, what do you think about my latest stupid idea... the UGLY SHIRT experiment?

Over the years I've come under varying degrees of criticism from friends - and strangers - for my appalling lack of fashion sense; more particularly my apparent love for what we call the 'ugly shirt'. An ugly shirt is a shirt that no-one with any self respect would be seen dead in, outside of a costume party. It is invariably bright, even gawdy, and is usually distinguished by the high number of different, non complimentary colours to be found in its patterned material, as well as the dizzying effect it has on those who dare to cast it more than a cursory glance. The ugly shirt is the train wreck of clothing. My passion for such fashion disasters may not be glaringly evident in the photos on this site. Perhaps that's because I tone down my dress sense while I'm travelling, or maybe I've just edited which photos I include. Unfortunately, all my once prized ugly shirts have either surrendered to the ravages of time, or have been packed away into storage.

I'm always smiling if I'm off for a cruise!

High fashion at Ayers Rock

I say 'BRING BACK THE UGLY SHIRT!' and second hand clothing stores should be on the lookout for me. I'm on my way, and the uglier the shirt, the better. As I stay with hosts across North America, if you have a shirt that you think would make the grade, drag it out of the attic and I'll swap it for one of mine. *hey, clean for dirty..could be a way I can cut down on laundry*

Thanks for all your support. It's only been a couple of hours since I broke the big news, and already I've received over twenty replies. Don't forget that I may have some difficulty uploading to this page, especially initially as I'll be on the road between Vancouver and Alaska! If I haven't updated this journal, you may find an update on my weblog- 'backup journal' link near the top of the page- or on the messageboard. If you're bored, you can search the archived journal entries by using the 'search journal' function at the top of the page.

Thursday 26th June 7:00 p.m. Brisbane

Tonight, I had to run from my favourite pub! The one night I decide to head out for a few beers, I end up playing pool with a guy who turns out to be fourty-eight hours fresh out of jail, after a thirteen year term for selling amphetimines. After hearing my story, he promises to buy my car. He has several kilos of drugs in his bag, and a pistol down the back of his jeans. All I have to do is hang with him till midnight when he has a deal set up with a couple of Bandidos *an infamous bikie gang* After letting him beat me at a couple of games of pool, I decided discretion was the better part of valour, and under the pretext of going to the toilets, I fled the scene. I am now safely home, never to return to my favourite pub again!

What is it with my karma lately?

Tuesday 24th June 10:00 a.m. Brisbane

I sold the car on Sunday, or so I thought. Yesterday the buyer called and backed out of the deal. Does this shit happen to anyone else, or is it just me? All I want to do is sell a car, for crying out loud. I'm not trying to raise the Titanic here! Sheesh...does it have to be so hard?

Saturday 21st June 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

I've given up ... To read more, click here

Thursday 19th June 12:30 a.m. Brisbane

Can you believe that Jane from Saudi Arabia entered the new World Nomads competition within minutes of me posting it on the website? What's more, she knew every answer and scored herself a very cool World Nomads tshirt, her choice of a funky and functional World Nomads keyring bottle opener or a fashionable and practical World Nomads bottle opener keyring *ironic- a bottle opener in Saudi Arabia* and some other bits and pieces. Jane was also the winner some time back of an Australia Day Cockroach Racing Day tshirt. Don't let Jane win all the prizes! Have a go at the competitions, there's still over a dozen tshirts and keyrings to give away, as well as postcards and half a million drink coasters ...woo hoo!

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Wednesday 18th June 9:00 a.m. Brisbane

For those who came in late.. I'd better explain something, since I'm having trouble believing it myself.... To read more, click here

Monday 16th June 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

Congratulations Cosmo and Jenny! A baby boy weighing in at almost ten pounds, tentatively named Joseph Elliot Cosmo. *Jenny obviously didn't share Cosmo's enthusiasm for the name 'Rager'* Mother and baby both doing okay after a few initial concerns, and all that's left now is to ensure that Cosmo gets blitheringly drunk tonight; not a difficult task. Possibly no journal update from me tomorrow!

Saturday 14th June 1:00 a.m. Brisbane

Here's a little test. Something I saw on tele tonight made me think of this. Let's say you're in a situation where you've just met someone new; a new roommate, a new workmate, a new cellmate perhaps. The two of you are having a chat, getting to know each other, trying to get a picture of each other's life. Your new friend asks you a question, and it really makes you think. I want you to think about what your answer would be to this question - 'tell me about a really happy day in your life'.

You with me on this? What was the first thought that popped into your head when you read that question? How long did you have to think for before you came up with a particular day? How far back in history did you have to go? Interesting?

There's no right or wrong answer, as far as I know. However, what do you think about your answer, and the process that led to you reaching that answer? What do you think this says about your life? I'd be interested to hear what you come up with.

I've been told I'm cooking pancakes in the morning, so I'd better get some sleep. *I make the best pancakes*

Friday 13th June 11:00 p.m. Brisbane

Every so often in life you meet a prize IDIOT, someone whose business it is to make such a joke out of themselves that you don't know whether to laugh at them or feel sorry for them.... To read more, click here

Thursday 12th June 5:00 p.m. Brisbane

Sold the camera, but not the car. Anyway, at least that's one less thing I have to worry about.... To read more, click here

Wednesday 11th June 1:00 p.m. Brisbane

Everyone can use a laugh. That's why I've added another little slide show. Have a look on the main index page, down the left hand column. It's a selection of my favourite funny road signs. There's some beauties. I'll be on the lookout for more to add as I travel. For more, try www.headlinehumor.com or www.roadtripamerica.com

A while back I was posting a quote almost every day with my journal ramblings. What happened to that, you ask? I ran out of quotes. Generally I was trying to stick to travel related quotes, but here's one I just couldn't resist..
'Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.' -Frank Zappa

Tuesday 10th June 10:00 p.m. Brisbane

Not much to say today, either. It almost seems that it's everyone's job to stuff me around, waste my time and generally make things difficult for me. I won't bother going into detail, but I will instead introduce you to my newest friends, my Scarpa SL hiking boots. On previous trips, I've had to make do with cheap lightweight hiking boots, but this time I've splurged and kitted myself out with a top notch pair of Scarpas. They're going to take some breaking in, since they're a full on mountain hiking boot- very stiff and solid construction. I spent an hour or so today waterproofing them -and trying to soften them up- with some Nikwax, and will attempt to take them for a brisk walk around the block every day. They fit perfectly, and are ultra comfortable, but I just know that there'll be blisters and tears if I set off on a long hike before giving my feet and the boots a chance to get to know each other!

That's about it for today. I just thought I'd better check in, since a few readers seemed concerned by my recent lack of enthusiasm. Thanks for the cheer-up emails folks, especially to Gail, and Kandy. You needn't worry. I'm actually more excited about the start of the project every day. It's just that the frustration sometimes overshadows that. It's a foreign concept for me- I'm not by nature a patient person, but some things are out of my control and all I can do is wait. Yeah, yeah, it's a learning experience, you say. It'll teach me to be patient. Well, I don't want to learn patience; I just want everything now!

Monday 9th June 11:00 p.m. Brisbane

Nothing to say today.

Friday 6th June 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

Couch surfing! The latest craze in extreme sports? Not really, but I reckon it's pretty extreme.... To read more, click here

Wedneday 4th June 7:00 a.m. Brisbane

Up early? Must be the great night's sleep I had, in my lofty new down sleeping bag.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 3rd June 3:00 p.m. Brisbane

Trying to keep busy... to take my mind off things.... To read more, click here

Sunday 1st June 2:00 p.m. Brisbane

Competitions... Someone has almost cracked the photo competition.... To read more, click here

Friday 30th May 1:00 p.m. Brisbane

You mean it's Friday already? Unbelieveable. Well, I'm afraid I don't quite have the exciting news that I'd hoped for.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 27th May 4:00 p.m. Brisbane

Thanks! Thanks for all the emails of support and encouragement. Thanks for the 456 offers of accommodation so far!... To read more, click here

Monday 26th May 4:00 p.m. Brisbane

I hope you've had a read of yesterday's journal. Here's me, worrying and stressing that time's running out... To read more, click here

Sunday 25th May 5:00 p.m. Brisbane

Committing adultery and getting stoned.. This may sound to some of you, like a good way to spend a rainy day indoors, but ... To read more, click here

Saturday 24th May 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

Ah, the weekend. Has anyone seen Eminem's movie, '8 mile'? What a piece of crap!... To read more, click here

Thursday 22nd May 6:00 p.m. Brisbane

Another exciting day! Another potential car buyer just visited, and took my car for a test drive. Hopefully, he'll get back to me, as he said he would.... To read more, click here

Wednesday 21st May 6:00 p.m. Brisbane

I've discovered colour! I've been 'head down, bum up' -as we very polite Australians say- teaching myself Spanish, campaigning for sponsorship, and learning HTML.... To read more, click here

Friday 16th May 10:00 a.m. Brisbane

Sorry! I wish I could have made my recent journal entries a bit more interesting.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 13th May 3:00 p.m. Brisbane

Gonna get me some o' these! Design your own business cards online ... To read more, click here

Saturday 10th May 9:00 p.m. Brisbane

Thursday 8th May 7:00 p.m. Brisbane

DAMN! Life would be so much easier if I wasn't an idiot.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 6th May 1:00 p.m. Brisbane

Ever been struck by lightning? I got a phone call the other day... To read more, click here

Saturday 3rd May 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

'Twenty years from now....you will be more disappointed by things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.'

Wow, it's getting cold in Brisbane! Well, cold for us. If we can't sit outside until midnight, wearing short pants and a tshirt, we start complaining about the cold. Of course I've packed all my warm clothes away into storage, figuring that I'd be travelling up through Asia first. Now I could really use that warm jacket, and I reckon I'll be needing more than tshirts on my way to Alaska next month. Hopefully there'll be some second hand clothes shops along the way!

Oh,I've been meaning to thank all of you who have been asking after Mum's health and sending her your best wishes. She is living with my brother and his family, and her health is steadily improving. She still has to get around on a walking frame, but is in good spirits and is looking well. Thanks for thinking of her.

Double congratulations to Peter Moore, one of my favourite travel authors. Not only did he tie the knot recently, but his first book 'No Shitting In The Toilet' is finally available at Amazon. Intriguing title? It was named after a sign on a toilet door in Yunnan province in China. I hope the Americans appreciate your humour as much as we do in Oz, Peter. Anyone want to have a look at this, the book that launched Peter's career as a travel writer, visit my favourite books page.

Wednesday 30th April 10:00 p.m. Brisbane

Tomorrow's the day. I've dropped the price of my car by another thousand dollars, and it's in the Trading Post tomorrow. Today it has been washed, polished, buffed, vaccuumed and deoderised. The upholstery has been shampooed, the engine degreased, and the tyres have been shined. It is crying out to be bought, and at this price it's a steal. C'mon..it's beyond a joke already. Just someone buy the damn car!

The reporter and photographer have been and gone. Stand by for a story about my little project in the local newspaper. Woo hoo! They said they might even be interested to run a regular section about my travels...I guess it depends how much interesting stuff I get up to, eh?

Here's a good quote for the day, and then I'm off to bed- I've got a big day of car selling ahead of me tomorrow.

'Life is measured not by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.'

Monday 28th April 11:00 p.m. Brisbane

'Yo quiero un vaso de vino. Cuanto es eso?' I'm teaching myself Spanish. So far I've learnt to order a glass of wine, and ask how much it costs. I already knew the word for 'beer', so I guess I almost have the language licked! Surely everything from here on in is just optional extras. Seriously though, I'm determined to speak fluent Espanol before I make my 'debut' in Mexico and Central and South America. I've received loads of invitations from all over the Americas, and I know for a fact that many of the people who have offered to share their home with me, speak little or no English. I know this because they email me in Spanish, and I have to forward their emails to my brother for translation! Years ago, when I was waiting for Makiko to come to Australia, I taught myself quite acceptable Japanese in just a couple of months, with the aid of a great learning resource. I'm hoping Spanish will be even easier.

0944502598 Click for more details.This book is my secret weapon. It's part of an incredible series of language books designed to help you master the basics of a new lingo. You learn at your own pace and in a logical order, creating a kind of central language framework. This basic vocabulary will be enough for me to get myself into- and out of- all sorts of trouble in Tijuana; but will allow me to easily assimilate new words and more complex phrases, as I move deeper and deeper into non-gringo country. As a former student teacher, I can particularly appreciate the clearly defined 'step by step' approach, and the clever methods used to reinforce the learnt material, such as stickers and flashcards.

It was quite a day of shopping for me yesterday, although I had to run all over town to find the exact road atlas that I wanted. I drove around the city for almost an hour, looking for a park. *I'm too tight to pay $8 just to park my car, while I go buy a book.* No parks anywhere to be found. So I drove out to a suburban shopping centre, where I quickly found a convenient park, only to be told at the bookshop that they would have to order in the items I wanted...wait for it...from their city branch! YAARGH! So it was back into the city, some more driving around in circles, a little bit of yelling and horn blowing at other motorists, pedestrians and anyone who happenned to be in my way. Then a touch of what I like to call 'creative parking'. But eventually, I got what I wanted. These books are great- the best layout of any road atlas I've ever seen. Eleven years ago, when I was hitchhiking and sometimes driving around the States and Canada, my Rand McNally became my best friend. It would have been a little cheaper if I'd waited to purchase this in America, but I needed it now to help with my planning.

I have to go to bed now. I need my beauty sleep for the photographer tomorrow...oops! I was gonna keep that a secret!'Buenos noches!'

Saturday 26th April 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

Quite a few readers have asked me for a recent photo of myself, since most of the pics on this site are now a few years old. Especially those kind people who have invited me to stay with them, feel they would like to see who it is they're accepting into their home. So here is a pic that was taken quite recently, just after a haircut.*click on photo to enlarge*

Friday 25th April 1:00 a.m. Brisbane

Anzac Day
Eighty-eight years ago, at 4.29 a.m. troops from Australia and New Zealand landed on the beach in Turkey. Turkish forces had sunk several British and French ships, and it had been decided that the only way to capture Constantinople would be to land troops at Gallipoli. Before the troops even had a chance to reach the sand, the sky was lit up by enemy flares, and they were greeted with massive gunfire. Those who weren't shot in their boats, or in the water as they struggled to reach land, found themselves pinned down on the beach- they had been landed in the wrong place. Instead of a flat beach, they were confronted with steep cliffs. At the end of the first day, 2000 men -'Anzacs' as they became known - lay dead on the beach and in the lapping waves. The bloody battle continued for eight months until the British command decided to withdraw the Anzacs. Over 10 000 brave men had sacrificed their lives on the sands of Gallipoli.

'News of the terrible losses at Gallipoli was printed daily in the newspapers back home in Australia. Included in these lists were the names of the fathers, brothers and mates now buried, or missing, on the Gallipoli peninsula. But instead of making Australians too frightened to enlist, the news did the opposite. In July 1915, when the casualty figures coming back from Gallipoli were at their worst, more than 36.000 men volunteered. (This is more than in the whole Army today) Veterans of Gallipoli called these men the ‘fair dinkums’. 'Any man who volunteers after knowing the horror of Gallipoli must be fair dinkum,' they said.

-Independent ANZAC Network Database

Rather than fading into obscurity like so many things seem to in our busy modern world, Anzac Day has experienced a revival, as young Australians come to realize the sacrfices that were made to ensure our freedom. Once thought of as a day for veterans and their families to remember their lost friends, Anzac Day now draws the respect and admiration of Austraians of all ages. Every year, Anzac Day services here in Australia attract record crowds. But even more astounding are the services at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli. A decade ago, the dawn service at Anzac Cove was attended by a handful of Australian and New Zealand dignitaries, and a few hundred Antipodeans who happened to be in the area at the time. Now, the crowd numbers well into the thousands, and every year it draws more and more Aussies and Kiwis, who deliberately plan their travels to be in Turkey at that time of year.

Despite the bloodshed- some say because of it- there has developed a deep bond between the Turkish people and us, the descendants of the Anzacs. This verse on a memorial at Gallipoli, was penned by Attaturk himself.


Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives...
You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
Therefore, rest in peace.

There is no difference between the Johnnies
and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side,
here in this country of ours.

You, the mothers, who sent their sons from far away countries...wipe away your tears.
Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace.
After having lost their lives on this land, they have become our sons as well.

(The founder of Turkish Republic)

One year from today I plan to be in Gallipoli, joining the crowds to pay my respects to the men who gave their lives in the hope that my generation will never know such a war. If you want to learn more about the significance of Anzac Day or Gallipoli, this website- apparently set up by a local school, is one of the best and simplest I've found. www.anzacday.biz is a very comprehensive website, which tells the story of Gallipoli in more detail, and has links to hotels and other tourist resources in Turkey.

Thursday 24th April 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

A story... I was going to talk about my new travel plans, but... To read more, click here

Tuesday 22nd April 11:00 p.m. Brisbane

Back in civilization. I hope everyone had a great Easter.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 15th April 4:00 a.m. Brisbane

Couldn't sleep. I had a nightmare that I was stuck in Australia. Then I woke up and it was true.... To read more, click here

Monday 14th April 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

Lake Baikal is the name of the lake I mentioned yesterday. Mike from Cheshire in sunny old England got it right, although he also hadn't heard of it before. Lake Baikal is also the world's oldest lake, the seven kilometre deep layer of sediment, indicating that the lake has been there for over 25 million years. During winter the water on the surface freezes more than a metre thick, making Lake Baikal the world's biggest skating rink, and incredibly forming a land route for vehicles. During the Russian Japanese war, a railway track was even laid across the frozen lake. Believe it...or not!

You think you know your geography? Try this little challenge.

So Lake Baikal gives you one hint about my new itinerary. Here's another hint...
You might remember a certain unusual annual event, that was the subject of discussion on my messageboard way back when. It's still not certain whether I will be reporting on this event, or participating in it, or both, or neither. But it's a chance! Have a look.

Editorial article.
'official' website with photos- fairly inoffensive stuff.
Photos, rather cheekier than the previous site!
Photo from train.

Here's a few sites to help you while away those rainy days, when there's nothing good on tele.

famous April Fools Day hoaxes

Relieve stress by bursting clouds

Man in shed

See for yourself

..and when you're finished, come back here to have a go at writing a speech for the big man, George W. Bush.

Sunday 13th April 11:00 a.m. Brisbane

It's a glorious autumn day in Brisbane. In fact I might even hit the swimming pool shortly, and work off some of last night's pizza; or this morning's KFC.... To read more, click here

Thursday 10th April 3:00 p.m. Brisbane

Hey, waddya think of these?

... To read more, click here

Wednesday 9th April 3:00 p.m. Brisbane

Today I did something that I never thought I'd do.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 8th April 10:00 p.m. Brisbane

It's quite exciting. Because of the delay in starting this project, and the outbreak of a nasty virus in some parts foreign, I've been reworking my itinerary.... To read more, click here

Saturday 5th April 10:00 p.m. back in Brisbane

Thinking, thinking, thinking... I'm back in Brisbane, a little more cashed up after a few days hard work painting, and also some corporate sponsorship and a couple of personal contributions that came in through Pay Pal while I was away.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 1st April 10:00 p.m. Stanthorpe

Stanthorpe? Ha, I have finally left Brisbane, ... To read more, click here

Sunday 30th March 10:00 p.m. Brisbane

Well, what can I say? I've had another very quiet weekend, this time through total lack of funds. It has given me plenty of time to think about my plans though, and I've come to a realization.... To read more, click here

Friday 28th March 5:00 a.m. Brisbane

No, I'm not up early today. I'm still up; I'm redesigning my 'Favourite Books' page, and setting up affilliations with amazon.co.uk, amazon.fr, amazon.ca, and amazon.de .... To read more, click here

Thursday 27th March 1:00 a.m. Brisbane

HITCHHIKING... I touched on the subject in my journal entry two days ago. This has been something of a controversial subject since this project was first concieved.... To read more, click here

Wednesday 26th March 1:00 a.m. Brisbane

I've been doing a bit of reading about the Bering Sea... since I picked up my six Lonely Planet guidebooks.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 25th March 2:00 a.m. Brisbane

Almost exactly a month overdue for the start of this project. Six more days before the end of the month, and the subsequent seasonal increase in airfares.... To read more, click here

Sunday 23rd March 5:30 p.m. Brisbane

Woo Hoo! Look what I made! Did you see the pop-up screen on the main page? I have been wanting to make a pop-up for ages... To read more, click here

Saturday 22nd March 5:30 p.m. Brisbane

Many of you may not have noticed, but at the bottom of my main page, there is a very valuable travel resource.... To read more, click here

Friday 21st March 11:30 p.m. Brisbane

I've never before wished that I lived in Melbourne! You see there's a new player in the Australasian air travel industry. Air Paradise is Bali's own airline... To read more, click here

Thursday 20th March 11:30 a.m. Brisbane

Today, thousands of innocent people on the other side of the world try to prepare themselves for a massive attack on the cities that they call home.... To read more, click here

Wednesday 19th March 2:00 p.m. Brisbane

David, and old friend of mine travelled through Asia several years ago. I was just this morning reading through some of the stories he sent me from Thailand and Cambodia. Here are a couple of extracts that made me laugh:... To read more, click here

Tuesday 18th March 9:00 a.m. Brisbane

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Monday 17th March 1:30 p.m. Brisbane
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Monday 17th March 9:00 a.m. Brisbane
Some more words of wisdom..No, not from me! Prompted by the previous list of rules for life, erroneously said to be from Bill Gates, a reader last night sent me these 'instructions for life in the new millenium'.... To read more, click here

Sunday 16th March 5:30 p.m. Brisbane
Wow.. Someone's on the ball! It has been brought to my attention by one of my readers, that Bill Gates actually has no claim to the 'rules of life' outlined in yesterday's journal.... To read more, click here

Saturday 15th March 6:30 a.m. Brisbane
'6:30am?' you ask? It's such a beautiful sunny day in Brisbane today, that since I woke up early, I just can't get back to sleep.... To read more, click here

Tuesday 11th March 10:30 p.m. Brisbane
Today I went shopping for women's clothing! Now that I have your attention, let me clarify.... To read more, click here

Sunday 9th March 10:30 a.m. Brisbane
Sooner or later, it all catches up with you. For the last week, I've been tearing around like a chook with its head cut off.... To read more, click here

Thursday 6th March 11:30 a.m. Brisbane
What a rollercoaster! One minute you're up, the next you're down. Mum's recovery was sadly short lived. ... To read more, click here

Tuesday 4th March 10:00 p.m. Brisbane
What an exraordinary day! A crazy, manic, stressful day, but a good result on all fronts. First and foremost, today was Mum's best day yet. ... To read more, click here

Saturday 1st March 1:00p.m. Brisbane
'Life is too great a gift to hide from.' ... To read more, click here

Friday 28th February 6:30 p.m. Brisbane
'With all those government warnings, is it safe to travel?' 'From Bali to Belfast, the people are still friendly. You have to decide for yourself'. One of my readers drew my attention to this article in the Montreal Gazette. It is written by one Charles Foran, who echoes my own sentiments regarding the state of the world and the state of world travel in particular. Click here to read the full story

Friday 28th February 1:30 p.m. Brisbane
I don't think I've ever seen a city with so many trees. I've lived in Brisbane for many years, but it wasn't until I started travelling, that I realized how much we Brisbane residents take our greenery for granted. G... To read more, click here

Wednesday 26th February 9:30 p.m. Brisbane
It's raining, it's pouring! The old man is snoring...and so on.. Well, today was the day that I had set as my tentative departure date, but it hasn't worked out that way. ... To read more, click here

Sunday 23rd February 7:30 p.m. Brisbane
Many hands make light work! It took us forty-five minutes to pack my furniture and six years worth of accumulated junk onto the truck, ... To read more, click here

Saturday 22nd February 6:30 p.m. Brisbane
Sometimes as you're surfing the net you come across something that really inspires you.

... To read more, click here

Friday 21st February 7:30 p.m. Brisbane
Hmm...where to start? I didn't realize it had been three days since I'd posted a journal update. I guess that shows how busy I've been. ... To read more, click here

Tuesday 18th February 6:30 p.m. Brisbane
Phew! Finally some sleep! Six hours sleep last night, and I feel great. My recent bouts of insomnia reminds me of an old joke. Are you ready? You sure?? .... To read more, click here

Monday 17th February 9:00 a.m. Brisbane
Damn! Anyone got some temazipam? I lay awake all night again, and had to phone work this morning to say I won't be in.... To read more, click here

Saturday 15th February 1:00 a.m. -can't sleep!-Brisbane
Happy Valentine's Day for yesterday!*sob* no Valentine's cards for me... To read more, click here

Thursday 13th February 6:00 p.m. Brisbane
Man, was it hot today! I don't mind the heat when I'm travelling, but it's just not so much fun when you're building staircases! ... To read more, click here

Tuesday 11th February 5:00 p.m. Brisbane
Psst!..Wanna buy a watch? or a 'The Savage Files' T-shirt or singlet? ... To read more, click here

Monday 10th February 10:00 p.m. Brisbane
War and peace I am trying not to weigh into this whole thing too much. Sometimes, there are enough people with enough opinions. But I read a quote the other day that I thought I'd share. It was from the 1940's I believe. I'm a bit tired, and I can't remember who it was attributed to, but here goes..

'I know not what type of weapons World War Three will be fought with, but World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones'

That's it from me tonight, folks! Goodnight.

Saturday 8th February 9:00 p.m. Brisbane
A twinge of sadness in the camp! This whole thing is becoming very real now. ... To read more, click here

Wednesday 5th February 10:00 p.m. Brisbane
Twenty- one new invitations today! That makes 187 in total now, ... To read more, click here

Tuesday 4th February 9:00 p.m. Brisbane
Australia is in the grip of the worst drought in living history and yet it's been raining for three days straight here in Brisbane. What's all that about? Two hours away, in the country, it's so dry that my Mum's lawn looks like it's been sprayed with herbicide. At least it saves the poor old gal from mowing!

Another competition has been won. Damn! Today, I added a new one, an addition to the two Stupid Travel Quizzes. It is called the Equally Inane Name Game - cute eh? Click here to try your luck! All the answers can be found in the stories on this website.

Today's quote comes from Ruth, in sunny California- 'we take these risks not to escape from life but to prevent life from escaping us'
It reminds me of another of my favourites- He who risks nothing, risks everything

Monday 3rd February 4:30 p.m. Brisbane
I have been asked to submit a story for publication on a couple of different websites. I have been procrastinating *my big word for the day* but since there's no work for me today, and it's raining again so I can't go for my usual ten mile run ha ha ha I have finally got around to putting pen to paper, so to speak. I have chosen the subject 'The Kindness Of Strangers' since that is the single thing that struck me most from my past travels, and the one thing that this project is relying on. If you're interested to read what I came up with, click here!

My quote for today apparently comes from J.R.R Tolkein- 'Not all those who wander are lost'
Also this one was sent in by Tammi from Centralia, Washington 'I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine'

A bit more funny stuff came my way today!

Sunday 2nd February 4:30 p.m. Brisbane
Competitions are going off! The 'US Dirty Dozen' photo competition has been won. Jane A. from Saudi Arabia *originally from England* scored a perfect 12 out of 12 today, and has chosen her prize- a Story Bridge Hotel Cockroach Races T-shirt. If you are curious to find out the answers, click here. Germaine G. from Los Angeles, USA scored a staggering 17 out of 20 in the 'Stupid Travel Quiz #2'. If you think you can beat Germaine -which I doubt you can- or you want to try your luck at either of the remaining competitions that are still up for grabs, click here!

Sunday 2nd February 1:30 p.m. Brisbane
Last night I saw a show on the tele called 'Dangerous Australians'. I thought it was about my ex girlfriend and her mates, but it was actually a kind of over dramatized docco about our creepy crawlies. ... To read more,
click here

Saturday 1st February 4:00 p.m. Brisbane
It's a rainy day in Brisbane, a welcome respite from the recent heat... To read more, click here

Thursday 30th January 8:30 p.m. Brisbane
Poor Dusty! I think Dusty knows I'm planning on leaving her....To read more, click here

Wednesday 29th January 1:30 p.m. Brisbane
Anyone want this flu? Phew! I've been as sick as an old black dog, but am feeling a bit better today, thanks for asking....To read more, click here

Monday 27th January 6:30p.m. Brisbane
Time to get serious! Okay folks, It's one month today until I hope to start this huge adventure, and there is still so much to do....To read more, click here

Sunday 26th January 4:30p.m. Brisbane
Happy Australia Day! We celebrate Australia day on January 26th as a commemoration of 'birth of our nation'....To read more, and to see photos of the Cockroach Races,
click here

Friday 24th January 2:30p.m. Brisbane
Good news! It seems that Trailfinders may be gonna come to the party...To read more, click here

Thursday 23rd January 7:30a.m. Brisbane
"Rabies and tetanus – two of the most awful ways to die;dreadful, tight, painful spasms of the limbs and back, difficulty in swallowing anything including one’s own saliva, rigid muscle contractions until breathing stops or the heart fails. hee hee ...To read more,
click here

Wednesday 22nd January 7:00pm. Brisbane
Preparing myself...Today I visited The Travel Doctor to discuss which vaccinations I will need for this trip....To read more, click here

Monday 20th January Brisbane
Well as you may have read earlier, Friday was the day my credit card was declined as I tried to buy groceries for breakfast!...To read more, click here

Quite a few readers have asked me for a recent photo of myself, since most of the pics on this site are now a few years old. Especially those kind people who have invited me to stay with them, feel they would like to see who it is they're accepting into their home. So here is a pic that was taken quite recently, just after a haircut.*click on photo to enlarge*

If this project is to proceed soon as planned, there are so many things I have to organize- not the least of which, is financial support. I will keep you updated with my progress, but in the meantime, have a look through the pictures and stories from some of my past travels, try your luck at the competitions and quizzes, and check out the not so savage files, a page where you can post your happy memories of Bali and New York. You can post a message to me by clicking here. If you can help this project even in a small way, click on the paypal button to make a safe and secure contribution on-line.

Alternately,contributions by way of cash or cheque may be sent to

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A huge thankyou to everyone who has helped in their own way, to get this project started.

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