Riding the waves

Riding the waves so blue,
this is a true story I'm telling you.
When I was a young and fearless girl,
I dreamed of riding waves in the waters that whirl.

"You cannot ride the waves my dear
you'll drown and never will reappear".
was all my mother had to say,
and my father couldn't care less, he would read the papers all day.

I cried all night and peered into the dark sky,
through my window, I'd have to try.
I crept into the darkness, though there was nothing there to fear
I huddled up in my warm bed, for there were noises I could hear.

. I could hear the deep waves calling me,
They beckoned as they whirled, "your dream awaits for you in the sea"
I listened carefully and stepped backwards a bit.
The crashing was louder than usual, and the night was barely moonlit.

I slowly took my sandals off,
the sand was cold and I had to cough
at the strong and chilly wind that crept through me.
Is that caressing water cold? I'd have to see.

I walked towards the waves so mysterious.
I swam in the sea so often, I was confident and fearless.
I never got scared of them, no way,
if a waves would dunk me, I'd just laugh away.

But something frightened me, not the waves for sure,
they had never frightened me before.
But then I remembered my waves were me
so there was no point me living without them, you see.

I took off my clothes, my hair was wild.
I closed my eyes and sighed, before I took a glance behind.
Then with my hands on my chest, I walked towards them,
the ones I loved, lively and solemn.

Then I dived and let myself be taken
by the gentleness of the waves as I was softly shaken.
It was fresh and calm
and I knew it meant no harm.

I have finally ridden the waves at night,
and I never got up to breathe, or search for light.
I stayed there amidst the rocking and lullabying
that the waves gave me, there was no point crying.

My life was in them, I pursued my dream,
I won't cry for my family, there was nothing in that life it seemed.
Too much sadness and grieving, and nothing as peaceful
as these waves, could nobody see it all?

And the last things that went through my mind that night,
was the rocking of those big, friendly waves, so tight,
and the joy in which I possessed in those waves,
and the cherishable memories of those hot, summer days.

The Four Seasons

"fall, autumn leaves, fall" upon an oak you sit, then fall
I hear your whispers in the branches, I see you panicing in the wind.
Why do you call? you shiver, you shake, like ripples on a lake.
why do you fear?


"sleep, winter leaves, sleep" under the oak a mat you've formed.
I hear you doze and snore as you snuggle up some more.
why do you cry? you are silent, you are still, like one tree on a hill.
why do you fear?


"wake, spring leaves, wake" on the oak, you start to grow.
I see you smile on your branch, I see you chatting with the others.
why do you sing? you joyfully sway, like a magpie in May.
Why are you happy?


"dance, summer leaves, dance" upon this oak tree, you are fresh and green.
I see you are in freedom now, you sing, you dance, you laugh.
The breeze is confused and the wind can't help but ask.
"Why are you happy now? you are like angels down on earth, and although you never would, you now are playing all day a tune of peace and joy".

"We know what seasons are, they're always changing near and far.
And we can now look ahead and see the better instead.
autumn's a sting, winter's a bite, spring is a rhythm and summer, the joy and happiness in which we wait all year,
is the song of a beginning in which we shall no longer fear".

Remember Poem

Do you remember?
I remember a plane
in the airport of a big city
it was big, very big.
I was excited as it rolled
I was silent.
I lay back against my seat,
it went faster, it went smoother,
it started gliding to the sky
like an eagle flying to the sun.
Up,up,up it soared, the engine rattled and roared
it was dreamy, it was unreal,
the clouds would soon reveal.
We passed a flock of birds
and the clouds could be mistaken,
for fairy floss or shaving cream.
Sometimes the plane was slightly shaken.
I closed my eyes...
I could hear the humming of voices
and the footsteps of the air hostesses.
It suddenly came to me
that nothing else could ever be
the same feeling this plane gave me
as it flew through the sky, a mystical journey.
It was dreamy, it was unreal
Do you remember?

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