The Overlander's Way traces the paths of our droving heroes who herded their cattle from Queensland through to the grazing lands in the Northern Territory. This is a land of vast cattle stations, rugged plains and dramatic basalt landscapes, magnificent gorges and abundant wildlife, big skies and far horizons. Its people are friendly and always eager to share colourful stories about their home over a brew.

Richmond nestles on the banks of the Flinders River, almost exactly halfway between Mount Isa and Townsville. This area was originally opened to white settlement by the explorer William Landsborough in 1862 while out searching for BURKE AND WILLS. When gold was discovered in the area, the town experienced a brief bout of gold fever and became an important point for the Cobb & Co coaches that moved miners around the area. That was, up until 1904, when the railway reached the town, making Richmond the terminus and railhead for the Gulf country.

Although a small town of barely 800 people, Richmond functions as a service centre to the surrounding pastoral community. The town was awarded the Tidiest Queensland Town in 2001 and considering the harsh conditions of the Northern Outback, the locals have every right to be proud of Richmond' outstanding gardens, lined streets and parks of bougainvilleas, native trees and shrubs.

In 1989, the skeleton of a 100 million year old Pliosaur was discovered near the town, and Richmond regained its place on the map. This was the second major discovery of an important fossil in the area, after the discovery of the Kronosaurus Queenslandicus (yes, we know... it sounds like a made up name... but it's true!) in 1929. Over recent years, paleontologists have unearthed many more prehistoric marine and vertebrate fossils in the area around Richmond. Displays of these discoveries can be visited in Richmond's Marine Fossils Museum, the award-winning Kronosaurus Korner.

Richmond Racecourse is a popular venue in the district, holding six race meetings each year. The biennial Fossil Festival features the World Moonrock Throwing Competition. It is held in even-numbered years.


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