The Overlander's Way traces the paths of our droving heroes who herded their cattle from Queensland through to the grazing lands in the Northern Territory. This is a land of vast cattle stations, rugged plains and dramatic basalt landscapes, magnificent gorges and abundant wildlife, big skies and far horizons. Its people are friendly and always eager to share colourful stories about their home over a brew.

Heading east from Cloncurry, the first decent sized township you will come to is Julia Creek. Home to the earliest European settlement in north western Queensland, Julia Creek was named after the niece of the first settler in the area, Donald McIntyre. The fledgling town flourished when the railway was extended in 1908.

The main industries around Julia Creek are cattle, sheep and mining. Within the shire lies BHP's Cannington mine, the most productive silver mine anywhere in the world. The Cannington mine was the official supplier for the silver used at the Sydney Olympic Games.

If you spend the night in the area, keep your eyes open for the Julia Creek Dunnart, a rare and endangered marsupial that can only be found within a radiuius of 100 kilometres of the town. Resembling a large mouse, the carnivorous Dunnart is an extremely shy nocturnal hunter so glimpses of them are very rare.


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