Aerial view of the almost deserted beach of Yorkeys Knob, north of Cairns. Yorkeys Knob is separated from Holloways Beach to the south by a narrow channel and a large sand bar, and is terminated at the northern end by ... well ... a rather large knob. To get to 'Yorkeys', after you exit the highway, you'll pass sugar cane farms before reaching the village and then the beach.

This quiet beachside suburb apparently owes its name to one George Yorkey Lawson, a Yorkshire born, Cairns based beche-de-mer (sea cucumber) fisherman. Yorkey built a homestead in the vinicity of what is now Yorkeys Knob. The 'knob' is the headland at the northern end of the beach, the first headland north of the Harbour of Cairns.

Yorkeys Knob is a very popular beach for water sports, but especially kite surfing. In fact, this little stretch of beach is regardeded as one of the top kitesurfing and kiteboarding locations in Australia, and is renowned among kitesurfers worldwide. On any day with more than a few knots of tropical breeze, the kitsurfers will line the southern end of the beach, providing a thrilling and colourful spectacle for other beachgoers.

As Yorkeys Knob develops, the two big attractions are the Half Moon Bay Boat Club and Marina, and the Half Moon Bay Country Golf Club. That's not to mention the long open beach, with stinger nets enclosures which provides safe swimming during the summer months. There is a good range of accommodation to suit all budgets and a number of restaurants and take aways, with luxury resorts and condominiums in the planning.

Yorkey's Knob, in the Cairns Northern Beaches, is one of the most popular destinations in Australia for kite surfing or kiting.For its small size, Yorkeys Knob has all the services you may need during your vacation: a mini-supermarket, video store, a liquor store, post office, and bakery. There is a newsagency at The Beach Place, on Sims Esplanade. The petrol station on the edge of the village no longer sells petrol, so the closest 'servo' is a few kilometres north on the highway near the Smithfield roundabout..

Every year, during the Queen's birthday long weekend, the residents of Yorkeys Knob celebrate The Festival of the Knob.

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