Machans Beach is the closest of the beachside suburbs and is probably the least developed. It's mainly a residential area, with its own primary school and pre school. The local residents are serviced by a couple of general stores, a post office and a petrol station. There's no holiday accommodation in Machans Beach and no through road. There are only a few streets that make up the village of Machan's Beach, but a river runs through it and there's great fishing in the river and in the sea. The beach itself is quite small, and at the time of writing there are no netted swimming areas.

The area around Machans Beach was first explored in 1885, by explorers Richard and Cristina Machans, which makes Machans Beach one of the oldest towns within the Cairns Northern Beaches. What these explorers found was very different from what we can see today. A dense rainforest was located between the Coral Sea and what is now sugar cane plantations, and the beach was about 40 metres wide. Of course, there were no houses, just a few huts built on the golden sand.

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