So most visitors to Tropical North Queensland come for the reef, the rainforest, and the beaches. But if your idea of a good time is scrambling around in the dirt, scratching for stones... well, we can help you there too! The Atherton Tablelands, just inland of Cairns, offer some worthwhile fossicking sites. And once you're there, you're already on the edge of the great Northern Outback, famed for its underground treasures.

fossick for Topaz, Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz in the famous outback gemfields at mount Surprise.Join in a fossicking tour with Mount Surprise Gems, either in their vehicle or as a tagalong.MOUNT SURPRISE GEMS
Garland Street, Mount Surprise (MAP)
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Gear up for a dirty weekend - go fossicking!

Mount Surprise Gems can:

Hire you the equipment
Issue you a licence
Give you a mudmap of the fossicking area
Give you lots of information about the minerals of the area and tell you how to go about finding them. Then you pack your own food and drinks etc and head out on the 45K gravel road to have a fun day.

It's a great experience and who knows what you might dig up. On your return Mount Surprise Gems are happy to appraise any of your treasures and suggest how to use them.

You can visit the World's biggest amethyst geode at Crystal Caves, one of Australia's most spectacular private mineralogical collections, and explore an underground adventure museum with rare crystals and minerals. Right here in Tropical North Queensland, in central Atherton.