So you couldn't find a babysitter, and you just had to bring the rugrats. Nah, we're just teasing. You know the kids are just gonna love Far North Queenland, there's so much for them here.. the reef, the rainforest, the beaches. Heck, they'll probably cry all the way home.

But how to make sure Mum, Dad, and everyone in the family has the holiday they deserve? Well, that's where we come in!
Kids will have an awesome time in Tropical North Queensland. It isn't always simple to find a balance between rest and relaxation time for the parents, and a fun vacation for the kids, especially if there are a number of children of varying age groups and interests. But we can make it a whole lot easier, cause we've done the research for you, finding family-friendly accommodation and activities to suit every member of the family and every family's budget. And speaking of budgets, if yours isn't as fat as you'd like, don't panic. There are plenty of things you and your family can do in Tropical North Queensland that don't cost a cent!

Of course, the activites and attractions listed on this page are just a sample of what awaits you and your family in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland. For many, many more family holiday ideas, please take the time to browse through the pages of our website, particularly those listed under "DESTINATIONS", "ATTRACTIONS" AND "THINGS TO DO", under the MAIN MENU.


To find information about all the family-friendly accommodation Tropical North Queensland boasts, please go to the link on the right hand side column or go to our
FAMILY FRIENDLY ACCOMMODATION page. We're constantly developing the page as we include more and more family-friendly places to stay.

There are many beautiful family friendly places in Tropical North Queensland that are not so well serviced by public transport. To make the best of your holiday time in Far North Queensland, we recommend that you rent a car if you don't have your own. Please visit our CAR HIRE page, where we will offer you the best deal available on a rental car, four wheel drive or campervan in the whole area. And save yourself a lot of hassle.


Cairns lagoon, located right in the city center. First off the bat is the most popular free attraction in Cairns, the newly opened lagoon on the Esplanade. It is open for free public use between 6:00am and 10:00pm daily. The 4,800 square metre seawater lagoon pool features sandy beaches and children's play area, and is supervised by two lifeguards during opening hours - one patrolling the surrounds of the lagoon and the other keeping watch from the patrol tower. The lagoon is surrounded by a park, boardwalk, locations for picnics and barbecues, recreational facilities, and an outdoor concert stage, in all over four hectares of free family fun for you.

As well as the trained lifeguards, security guards patrol the Esplanade 24 hours a day, backed up by security cameras and police, ensuring that Cairns maintains its proud mantle of 'the safest tropical city in the world'. The area is completely alcohol and glass free, and dogs are prohibited. The depth of the pool ranges from 80cm to 1.6m, and disability access is provided at one end of the pool. The water in the lagoon is sourced from the sea and is filtered every three hours to keep it clear and clean. Staff use special sand cleaning equipment to scour the artificial beach down to a depth of 30cm to remove any foreign objects.

The council has installed free electric barbecues throughout the lagoon precinct, and along the esplanade, and there are plenty of grassy spots to spread out for a family picnic.


Tropical North Queensland is ideal for families wanting to spend quality time together. What kids don't love the beach? Splashing in the waves, building sandcastles... ah, it brings back memories. The Northern Beaches, a string of sandy coves just north of the city, are ideal for kids of all ages. Unlike the surf beaches of southern Queensland, Tropical North Queensland beaches are protected by the largest coral reef in the world, and as a result have little or no surf, just gentle lolling waves.

The Northern Beaches are connected to Cairns City by a regular bus service, and most are quite family friendly, with shops, eateries, playgrounds and picnic areas, and a range of family accommodation. For more details about each of the Northern Beaches, please visit our CAIRNS BEACHES page.

* Remember that although the ocean may look wickedly inviting, marine stingers often inhabit the waters of Tropical North Queensland during the summer months. Some can give you a nasty sting, enough to ruin your day or your whole holiday. Some can make you very sick, and in rare cases, they can be fatal. Luckily for you and your family, the Cairns City Council has set up floating swimming enclosures at a number of the local beaches. Swim only in these netted areas, and for more information go to our SAFE TRAVEL page.


For a freshwater swim, Crystal Cascades is about the closest spot to Cairns. It's something of a 'locals only' secret, a series of swimming holes hidden in a tropical rainforest. Crystal Cascades is not serviced by public transport, but it isn't hard to find if you have your own vehicle. Just head to the suburb of Redlynch, and then follow the signs. It's about ten kilometres. There are also picnic tables in the area, and a toilet block nearby. Crystal Cascades is more popular during the summer months, because of the danger posed by stingers in the ocean.


Mossman Gorge, a fantastic spot for families. And if the kids still aren't tired of swimming, there's always beautiful Mossman Gorge, six kilometres west of the town of Mossman, which is just over an hour's drive north of Cairns. This is where the Mossman River emerges from under the rainforest canopy, cool and clear in a series of swimming holes. Mossman Gorge is one of the most accessible and most visited spots in the Wet Tropics rainforest.

There is a picnic area, a suspension bridge and a 2.4 kilometre rainforest loop trail in Mossman Gorge National Park.

Mossman Gorge is home to the Kuku Yalanji Aborigines, the area's traditional landowners, and is a place of deep spirituality. The Mossman Gorge Aboriginal Community strives to protect their natural heritage and share its unique qualities with visitors. Guided bushwalks are available that give a rare insight into the special relationship the local indigenous people have with the rainforest, while traditional dance performances and artifact displays portray their rich cultural heritage.

For more details about the Kuku Yalanji guided tours and traditional performances, please visit our ABORIGINAL CULTURE page. And if you want to see all the companies that include Mossman Gorge on their tours, please visit our RAINFOREST TOURS page.


Cairns Botanic Gardens, the only Wet Tropics botanic garden in Australia. Cairns Botanic Gardens, the only Wet Tropics botanic garden in Australia. While looking at plants may not initially be every kid's idea of a fun day out, this 38 hectare botanic garden, just five kilometres from the heart of Cairns City, is unique in that it is the only Wet Tropics botanic garden in Australia. Much of the tropical flora found here cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. For example, the garden is home to a tropical flower known as Amorphophallus Titanum which weighs up to 70 kilograms with a single leaf almost seven metres across! This plant is one of only two found in Australia.

The evolution of some of this flora can be traced from millions of years ago, when Australia separated from Gondwana and small pockets of Gondwanan plants becoming isolated.

The main botanic gardens area is like a mini rainforest and even has an 'Aboriginal Food' plant section.


The Centenary Lakes, in Cairns.The wilderness area of Centenary Lakes is just next to the Botanic Gardens, separated by a boardwalk that meanders through tropical ranforest, wetlands and mangroves. The boardwalk gives the visitor a unique opportunity to observe this native rainforest ecosystem.

At the end of the boardwalk, visitors can find two different lakes: a freshwater lake, which highlights freshwater aquatic life, with plenty of grassy areas for a family picnic; and a saltwater lake, with gives visitors the opportunity to explore a mangrove habitat, view mudskippers, crabs and saltwater fish and mangrove birds. Both lakes are fantastic to spot wildlife in its own habitat. More than 136 species of birds have been recorded to breed here.

The whole area is a popular place for families to enjoy a picnic. There is a picnic shelter and children's playgrounds.


Just behind the Botanic Gardens, the 300 hectare Mount Whitfield Conservation Park is a great spot for hiking and birdwatching. The forested mountains of the park reach 365 metres above sea level, providing wonderful views. There are two major walking tracks - the Red and Blue Arrow circuits. The 1.3 kilometre Red Arrow circuit takes approximately 40 minutes to one hour to complete, and is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level. The Blue Arrow walk, on the other hand, is a steep 5.4 kilometre climb to the highest point in the park. Take drinking water with you if you attempt the Blue Arrow walk. Both walks offer spectacular views of Trinity Inlet, the Coral Sea and Cairns city.

There is also a short but very interesting Gondwana Evolutionary trail, leading from the car park to MacDonnell Street. Mosquitos and other tropical insects love these parklands as much as we do, so wear insect repellant.

For more information about birdwatching in Far North Queensland, please visit our BIRDWATCHING page. If you want to find out more about hiking and bushwalking, Tropical North Queensland features dozens of National Parks, all of them sensational for walking. Please visit our NATIONAL PARKS page to have more information about each one of them.


Millaa Millaa Falls, part of the Atherton Tablelands waterfall circuit, in Tropical North Queensland. Just west of Cairns, atop the Kuranda Range, is the beginning of the Atherton Tablelands, also known as the 'Cairns Highlands'. The Tableland is a a lush, fertile area of rich agricultural land and varied wilderness, dotted with charming little Australian country towns. With altitude ranging from 600m to 1100m above sea level, the air feels cool and fresh after the humidity of Cairns.

For sure, the highlight of the Atherton Tablelands' for the kids anyway, will be the waterfall circuit. Within 15 kilometres of the town of Millaa Millaa, you can visit six different waterfalls; Zillie Falls, Millaa Millaa Falls, Elinja Falls, Mungalli Falls, Sovita Falls and the Pepina Falls, each one unique in its own way.

There's a great (and safe) swimming hole at Millaa Millaa Falls. The circuit is an easy and pleasant drive along Tropical North Queensland backroads. If you're interested in hiring a car to give you the freedom to explore the Atherton Tablelands at your own pace, please visit our CAR HIRE page.


The smaller of the two famous crater lakes on the Atherton Tablelands, Lake Eacham, is a great family destination, and a cool swimming spot. There is a 3.5 kilometre paved walking track, which is flat and suitable for all the family.

Nearby Lake Barrine also has a walking track, six kilometres long, and you can take the family on a wildlife cruise, but the water is not suitable for swimming.

The Cathedral Fig and the Curtain Fig are also not far from Lake Eacham and Yungaburra, and well worth a visit. For more things to see and do on the Atherton Tablelands, please visit our ATHERTON TABLELANDS page.

Crystal Caves is a fascinatingly crafted mineralogical museum located in Atherton, in the Cairns Highlands.Crystal Caves on the Atherton Tablelands, is home to the world's largest geode.
69 Main Street, Atherton (MAP)
Phone (07) 4091 2365 / Fax (07) 4091 3285

Home of the world's biggest amethyst geode!

Crystal Caves is a fascinatingly crafted mineralogical museum. Explore a labyrinth of caves on 2 levels over 250 square metres to discover spectacular and colourful natural crystals, ancient fossils, and rare delicate minerals. You will be given a miners helmet and your adventure begins! Venture into the man made cave system, which offers an amazing labyrinth of gemstone, crystals and fossils studded into the walls.

What began with one man's passion is now Australia's most spectacular mineralogical collection, attracting more than 25,000 visitors annually. The mineralogical world is as much a part of nature as the rainforest and the reef, and René Boissevain, and his wife Nelleke would like to share the beauty of this spectacular collection that they have travelled the world to collect since 1963.


Cairns Tropical Zoo, one of the best interactive zoos in Tropical North Queensland.All the family will enjoy a visit to Cairns Tropical Zoo, in Far North Queensland. CAIRNS TROPICAL ZOO
Captain Cook Highway, Palm Cove
Phone (07) 4055 3669 / Fax (07) 4059 1160

It's the natural thing to do!

A visit to the tropical north wouldn't be complete without seeing some of Australia's fantastic wildlife up close. Just 20 minutes north of the city at Palm Cove, Cairns Tropical Zoo has exciting daily presentations featuring fabulous free flight birds, giant saltwater crocodiles, feeding the pelicans, stunning reptiles, and so much more - including a mob of tame kangaroos just waiting to be hand fed. Souvenir wildlife photos are available for an extra cost. There are numerous opportunities during the day to get close, touch, feel, and make some new animal friends.

Cairns Tropical Zoo is now open every day from 8:30am to 4:00pm, so why not plan your visit to include breakfast or lunch. 'Breakfast Time at the Zoo' commences every day from 8.30am for both groups and self-drive visitors. Whilst enjoying your bacon and eggs or scrumptious Belgian Waffles, enjoy some very up close and personal animal time with one of the zoo's keepers.

Cairns Night Zoo, in Tropical North Queensland, provides a great opportunity to experience nocturnal wildlife in the tropics.Cairns Night Zoo, in Tropical North Queensland, offers a very enjoyable Australian night out.CAIRNS NIGHT ZOO
Captain Cook Highway, Palm Cove
Phone (07) 4055 3669 / Fax (07) 4059 1160

A Great Australian Night Out!

Whatever your age or nationality, Cairns Night Zoo is a 'must do' for any holiday itinerary. Operating 7.00pm to 10.00pm five nights per week, (Monday to Thursday and Saturday nights), this dinner with a difference features a big dose of Aussie hospitality.

Dinner includes the famous Australian BBQ, salads, delicious desserts, and complimentary beers, wines, champagne and soft drinks. Enjoy live music provided by the resident musician, then it's off on the spotlighting tour. See crocodiles, koalas, birds, some cute & cuddly animals and maybe even a slithering creature! Enjoy Billy Tea & Damper with our Swaggie (an original Australian bushman), and meet some friendly kangaroos before heading back for more entertainment and some 'Hokey Pokey'. (That's a dance!) This is a night filled with good food, good folk, and good fun!

Wallabies at Granite Gorge, in the Atherton Tablelands.One of the family friendly activities in Granite Gorge is swimming in safe swimming holes.GRANITE GORGE
11 Harrigan Road, Mareeba (MAP)
12 kilometres from Mareeba
Phone (07) 4093 2259, a/h (07) 4093 2174

Looking into the future, but holding onto the past

For those who are fascinated by natural marvels, the privately owned Granite Gorge Nature Park is an unforgettable spectacle.

At Granite Gorge you can truly experience Australia's northern savannah wilderness. Like no other place in the world this awesome landscape stretches as far as the eye can see. Volcanic activity has forced up huge weird boulders shaped into animals. The sheer size of some of these boulders is overwhelming. The rocks form a breath-taking sight stretching out for over a kilometre. There are three walks of 1km each and smaller circuits that will stay in your memory forever.

Some of the activities include hand feed wallabies, birdwatching both during the day and during the night, and swimming in any of the numerous safe swimming holes that you will find at Granite Gorge.

8 Coondoo Street, Kuranda
Australian Venom Zoo has a great collection of animals here from the world's most venomous spider, to Australia's 5 most venomous snakes, to a variety if scorpions, centipedes, reptiles and insects.

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre
Coondoo Street (at start of Jungle Walk)
Phone (07) 4093 8858
Open Tuesdays to Fridays and Sundays, from 10:30am to 2:30pm
If you are in the neighbourhood, visit BatReach, a 'hospital' for injured and sick bats. Contrary to what many people think, bats are not horrible animals that suck your blood, actually, most of them are vegetarian. Come and learn a lot about Flying Foxes.

Rob Vievers Drive, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 9188
Home to more than 75 different species of birds from all over the world, Birdworld Kuranda can proudly admit being Australia's largest collection of free flying birds. Some of the diverse Australian species include bright regent bowebirds, stilts and, of course, the endangered Cassowary

PO Box 598, Kuranda
Set amidst 200 acres of dry Savannah and where the rainforest meets the Outback of Australia, you will find Cairns and Atherton Tablelands most loved wildlife park. Cairns Wildlife Safari Reserve has the largest lion pride in Australasia!

Mossman to Daintree Road, Wonga
Phone (07) 4098 7272
At the Daintree Mangroves Wildlife Sanctuary you can enjoy one of the most comprehensive collections of Australian wildlife, including some of Australia's most distinctive animals: the Emu, the Cassowary and the Dingo. Some Freshwater and Saltwater Crocodiles are also on display.

8 Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4093 7575 / Fax (07) 4093 8923
At the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, you have the opportunity to wander through a beautiful rainforest environment especially designed with the needs of butterflies in mind.

Captain Cook Highway, Wangetti
Phone (07) 4055 3576 / Fax (07) 4059 1017
Hartley's is famous for its exciting and educational wildlife presentations including crocodile shows, wetland wildlife, snake show, cassowary feeding, koala feeding and more. Open 8:30am – 5:00pm.

Flying Fish Point Road, Innisfail
Phone (07) 4061 1121 / Fax (07) 4061 6202
Huge display of crocodiles. Education guided tours explaining the breeding, survival and farming of these impressive reptiles are available. There are other animals such as cassowaries, kangaroos, wallabies and birds.

Open every day from 9:00am to 4:00pm
You want to cuddle a koala, don't you? But Koalas are not the only inhabitants of these gardens. Fresh water crocodiles, lizards, pythons and other animals also live here. And get an insight into some of the early history of European settlement in the Kuranda region.

Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas
Phone (07) 4099 3235 / Fax (07) 4099 3100
Open daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm
Wildlife Habitat features four different and unique habitats of North Queensland. You can wander through the boardwalks and discover a great array of animals and trees in their natural habitat. It also puts on display the largest collection of immersion exhibits.

Millaa Millaa-Malanda Road, Tarzali
(half way between Millaa Millaa and Malanda)
Phone (07) 4097 2713
Tarzali Lakes Fishing and Leisure Park is a fully operational aquaculture farm sprawling over 40 acres. While there is plenty to see and do, the main attractions are definitely the recreational fishing, platypus viewing and farm tours.

Kennedy Highway, Kuranda
Phone (07) 4085 5006
In the Koala and Wildlife Park everybody can see wallabies, crocodiles, koalas and kangaroos among other native species. Hand feed kangaroos and wallabies, or have your photo taken cuddling a cute koala.


Paronella Park, near Innisfail, a Spanish castle out of a fairy tale.Both children and adults alike will have an amazing time in Paronella Park, Tropical North Queensland.PARONELLA PARK
Japoonvale Road, Mena Creek
Phone (07) 4065 0000
Fax (07) 4065 3022

The dream continues...

In the 1930's a Spanish migrant cane cutter, José Paronella, bought a large tract of land near Mena Creek, and proceeded to build a stone castle as a tribute to his wife Margarita. The result was an architectural marvel, inspired by Moorish arcuitecture. The Spanish gardens are surrounded by a magical dream-like feeling, like something from a fairytale. In 1997, Paronella Park was recognised as a historical treasure and listed on the National Trust.

Visit Paronella Park by day or night, and join in on one of the tours the park offers: The Dream Continues Tour, or the Darkness Falls Tour. You will be impressed with an experience like no other.

NEW: Paronella Park now offers accommodation in three basic, air-conditioned cabins. Each cabin contains a queen sized bed with linen, two towels, bar fridge, kettle and tea/coffee making facilities. See 'accommodation' section below.


The Daintree Discovery Centre is an award-winning world class interpretive facility that allows visitors easy access to this unique rainforest wilderness and its inhabitants via boardwalk tours, a 23 metre high Canopy Tower, Aerial Walkway and comprehensive Display Centre.

The spectacular Aerial Walkway and the 23 metre (76ft) Canopy Tower are a 'must see'. The Tower is quite unique as it has five viewing platforms that look out over the rainforest canopy and beyond. Families can take a self-guided tour using an audio guide, or a pre-booked group tour with an experienced naturalist.

The Daintree Discovery Centre is an easy two hour drive north of Cairns, just north of the Daintree River. If you're interested in hiring a car to give you the freedom to explore further into the Daintree/Cape Tribulation area at your own pace, please visit our CAR HIRE page. Note that since the road north of the Daintree River was sealed, access to Cape Tribulation is now possible for all types of conventional vehicles. Rental cars may be driven as far north as Cape Tribulation.


You know the kids want to see crocodiles, but of course from the safety of a riverboat. The range of nature cruises is huge, and there is something to suit everybody's taste and budget. Although crocs are really the stars of the show around here, many kids will also be interested in spotting other wildlife. Birdlife is abundant in the Daintree area and if you are into birdwatching, the variety is amazing. And keep your eyes open to distinguish the different snakes that may be camouflaged among the trees.

Please, check our DAINTREE page for more information about this fun and interesting tours.


You can fit a lot into a long, sunny Tropical North Queensland day, so why not treat the family to a full day of fun, starting with a unique experience aboard Skyrail cablecar, gliding above the treetops of the World Heritage listed rainforest all the way to the charming mountain village of Kuranda, then after a morning of shopping in the colorful markets of Kuranda, you return to Cairns via the famous Kuranda Scenic Railway. On your return, there's an afternoon of culture and entertainment waiting for you at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, with theatre and dance and even the chance for the kids to learn to play a didgeridoo throw a boomerang.

For more details about Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Skyrail, and Kuranda Scenic Railway, please follow the links below:


Sea kayaking Cape Tribulation and the Daintree coast.Cape Tribulation sea kayaking.PADDLETREK
Cape Tribulation
Phone (07) 4098 0062

Morning, afternoon or full day departures!

Board a kayak and come for a paddle, exploring Cape Tribulation's tropical beaches, fringing reefs and mangroves. Enjoy amazing views of the Daintree Coast. Learn about our unique environment. Get close to nature and spot marine wildlife like sea turtles, sea eagles, dolphins, dugong and stingrays.

With a choice of a three hour Morning Adventure Paddle around the Cape, a shorter Sunset Paddle around the bay and a day trip to Snapper Island, there is something for everyone. Our friendly guides will give you full instructions, so you do not need to be experienced.

Children aged 6 and up are welcome to join their parents.

Family friendly activities in Cairns with Aussie Drifterz. Aussie Drifterz offers safe, fun watersports in Cairns for the whole family.

Freecall 1800 801 540

Cairns' original tubing tour!

Come and relax with Aussie Drifterz on the best value tour in town – tube through rainforest tree tunnels, make natural face paints, swim or just chill out. The tour may be code shared with Foaming Fury and conducted on either the Mulgrave River or Behana Gorge.

Price includes:

Facebook photos
Transfers from Cairns and the Northern Beaches
Snacks and drinks
Safety equipment hire
Family fun, for age 5+ Departing Cairns approximately 7:30am and 2:30pm (seasonal).

Customer service is our specialty – locally owned and operated.
Awarded a 2011 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

Marlin Marina
Booking office:
Pier Shopping Centre Tourist Information Centre
Pier Road, Cairns (MAP)
Mobile 0488 919 199

For a five star experience!

Whether you're a thrill seeker or looking to experience Cairns' sublime ocean and mountain views, Southern Cross parasailing is the answer.

The luxury, purpose-built boat is specifically designed for open waters, providing a smooth and comfortable journey across the Trinity Inlet. The boat can accommodate 12 passengers and 2 crew members. Due to safe, padded seats, age is no barrier, although children must be accompanied by an adult. The unique parasailing chair seats 2 passengers side-by-side, allowing the journey to be shared, and is not like the harness system where you dangle like a tea bag. Southern Cross Parasailing follows strict industry regulations and guidelines and don't require you to where bathers as you won't get wet.

Southern Cross Parasailing operates 7 days a week (weather permitting ) from their birth at the C4 Marlin Marina from 7:00am, with the last flight at 5:30pm.


Hambledon Drive, Edmonton (Approx 10 km South of Cairns), Phone (07) 4055 5477 or 0407 963 543.
Open 10:00am to 4:30pm every day. Only closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Sugarworld is located near Edmonton, just ten minutes drive south of Cairns. With four giant waterslides for adults and kids, a fun pool and a wading pool for toddlers, this is really an ideal family destination, surrounded by well maintained parkland, where friendly peacocks, ducks and geese roam freely.

Families can relax and enjoy a picnic in the gardens and park, use the barbecue facilities or enjoy a snack at the licensed bar and kiosk.



Marlin Marina, B Finger 1 Spence Street, Cairns (MAP)
Mobile 0408 774 088

Less travel time = more fishing time!

Your skipper John Hangodi runs these fishing adventures himself. Unlike other fishing tours in Cairns, John does not employ drivers so you will be fishing with the person you talk to when booking, someone who has been fishing trinity inlet estuary for 16 years.

A typical charter with Paradise Sportfishing Adventures begins with catching live bait using a cast net from the boat, you will find the biggest and best fish are caught using live bait such as live prawns and live herrings. As you travel towards your first spot and depending on the tide, you may see a crocodile or two basking in the sun along the banks of the Trinity Inlet Estuary.

Paradise Sportfishing runs with a minimum of just two passengers and only take a maximum of eight.

Cairns Unlimited can confirm that John's half-day fishing trip is ideal for children. He is very patient with youngsters... and hapless adults! There were three kids on board when we travelled on Paradise Sportfishing Adventures, and they enjoyed the experience as much as any of the adults.


Black Mountain Hideaway, in Julatten, offers magnificent horse riding in a beautiful setting.Black Mountain Hideaway, in Julatten, offers magnificent horse riding in a beautiful setting.BLACK MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAY
Black Mountain Road, Julatten (MAP)
Phone (07) 4094 1101

A wide range of adventurous and exiting trailrides!

Learn how to ride while enjoying the scenery of our diverse environments. At Black Mountain Hideaway, Suzie and Saxon offer a wide range of adventurous and exciting trailrides. From short, historical, interpretive, low-impact tours to full days of action.

Every tour begins with a brief of horsemanship which includes safety guidelines and instruction. They have horses for all levels of riding and even include a free riding lesson with all trailrides! Choose one of our spectacular rides or we can tailor your own special adventure.

Keatings Lagoon, Cooktown
Phone (07) 4069 6073
Join Hidden Valley Trail Rides and ride amongst the gum trees and all the other types of fauna and flora growing in the tropical outback of Cooktown's river's flood plains.

P.O.Box 261, Deep Creek Road, Wongabel, Atherton
Phone (07) 4091 2070
Tait's Wongabel Stables offer one hour or the popular half day rides. For the more experienced, whole day rides can be given for small groups.


What could be more memorable than taking your family on a scenic flight across beautiful Tropical North Queensland in a hot air balloon? At Cairns Unlimited, we can arrange a family ballooning flight from Cairns, Port Douglas or in Mareeba, the hot air ballooning capital of Australia, on the lovely Atherton Tablelands.

You'll find a number of Tropical North Queensland ballooning options on our BALLOONING page, whether you want to take the whole family along for a short scenic flight, or even if you want to leave the kids at home and treat yourselves to a romantic luxury balloon flight.. just the two of you!


Tropical North Queensland is ideal for families wanting to spend quality time together. Tropical North Queensland is the ideal destination to relax with your whole family.