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Bonus pics

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Clifton Beach, just north fo Cairns, has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Relaxing on Clifton Beach, between Cairns and Port Douglas.
The Steve posing on the Undara Lava Tubes lodge.
We saw many kangaroos along the way and they love being inmortalised. How Australian, isn't it?

The Australian Outback

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Since we launched our site three months, ago, we have had a terrific response from businesses in CAIRNS, PORT DOUGLAS, MISSION BEACH, AIRLIE BEACH and even the ATHERTON TABLELANDS. But the further west we went, the lest response we got from businesses in the OUTBACK. However, we are not discouraged easily and we are determined to promote the whole area of Tropical North Queensland. So we took our van, bought a few snacks and lots of water, and here we are, touring the OUTBACK and meeting the wonderful characters who live in the area.

We only left Cairns yesterday, Sunday, after having just moved to our new place to the beach. We have already visited CHILLAGOE, UNDARA LAVA TUBES, Mount Surprise and GEORGETOWN, and right now we are going to spend the night in COBBOLD GORGE.

One of the roads we are finding in the Outback. Inside the EspaƱol Hotel, close to Chillagoe, in the Northern Outback.

Right now we are in a campground with no electricity, so I will just leave a couple of photos to give you a taste for it, but promise to write a lot more when we have the chance to find an internet spot.