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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We finally managed to get away from the office for a whole 11 days. The saddest thing is that we are already halfway through. Anyway, it’s great to be away, enjoying spending time with the families.

Yes, we took my family to meet Steve’s family, although some of them had already met in Spain. But my parents hadn’t met his Mum and they were all looking forward to it (or so we hoped). It seems it went well and no major disasters happened although we have the advantage that we can translate what we want, so we’re a big part in avoiding them, as long as Andrew and Helen are not around, since they speak very good Spanish.

We first went to the Gold Coast, where we spent a night in Surfers Paradise. Beautiful location, right on the Esplanada. We took my parents to a Surfing Club, so they could experience Aussie culture first hand. They loved the whole idea and the food was delicious, so that was a plus, since my Dad is pretty fussy with anything that isn’t Spanish food.

The day after, the 23rd, we headed for Stanthorpe, Steve’s hometown. His Mum was waiting for us, completely excited. Don’t know how she does it, but she looks younger every time we see her. We also spent some tim with his two brothers, partners and his two little nephews, who are gorgeous (I mean the nephews, Flynn and Joseph). Hopefull Junior, our little baby, will be as well behaved adn they are.

And the 24th, when we celebrate Christimas Eve in Spain, our biggest celebration of the whole season, we organised a traditional Aussie barbecue with the two families. together. It was really good. My parents couldn’t believe that in the middle of the Northern Hemiphere winter we are still wearing summer clothes and enjoying high temperatures. It will be a real experience for them. They are enjoying themselves, although they are finding spending Christmas during summer time a bit weird. Well, I haven’t been able to get used to it and still miss the cold, the snoe or the winter clothes. I don’t think I will ever be able to get used to it completely.

On the 25th we had a lovely Christmas lunch at a restaurant, so nobody had to cook for 11 of us. But first, it was the presents exchange, which I’m sure everybody enjoyed. However, it’s always more exciting when there are children in the family and although we all had lots of presents, including Junior, we were all mesmerized with Flynn and Joseph opening theirs. I loved all of mine, mostly the 160GB IPOD my lovely boyfriend, yes, I mean Steve, gave me. And in case you are wondering, no, nobody got drunk or started a fight.

It was time to leave Stanthorpe again, heading to the Sunshine Coast for a couple of nights, where we were planning to visit Australia Zoo. However, today has been raining heavily and sadly we decided to give it a miss. Besides, the accommodation we chose for those two nights (Beerwah PUb, the only place we could find available for less than five nights) was absolutely disgusting and we couldn’t spend more than one night there, even though we had paid for two. Luckily we got some money back and right now we’re enjoying the luxuries of our 29th floor balcony overlooking the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge, where, hopefully, we will be able to see the New Year’s Eve firework up close.

And, by the way, TODAY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. I’m too vain to say how old I am, though, so I will keep you all wondering.