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Salsa dancing in Cairns

Monday, February 11th, 2008

After talking about it for months, last Saturday night we finally went Salsa dancing in Cairns. Well, I went Salsa dancing, Steve only looked, haha. I was feeling a bit sick during the whole day, but when our friend Dan texted us with the proposal, my sickness went away.

The place to salsa dance in Cairns is Casa de Meze, located on the Cairns Esplanade. It is not only a dancing venue, but also a fantastic restaurant boasting delicious Mediterranean food, including some tapas style dishes. I really enjoyed the food, mostly the calamari.

Salsa dacing in Casa de Meze, Cairns. Just after 9pm, when everybody is about to finish dinner, a very enthusiastic salsa teachers tries to convince everyone to learn just the basic steps, so they can then dance the night away. I was the first one to say yes to her, hoping not to be the only one. And I wasn’t!!! The dance floor was completely covered with feet trying to follow her steps, some of them more successful than others. But when the lesson was finished and it was time to show our skills, out of the blue came out some couples who left everyone open mouthed. And funniest of all, the best couple I saw dancing salsa was Japanese. They usually succeed at everything they try, don’t they?

 Dan and myself did our best dancing reggaeton, well, just about every song the DJ played. And even though we were not as good as the Japanese couple, we had a good time. We will go back.

 So if you are in Cairns and looking for a place to have a good time dancing latin rythms, Casa de Meze is the place to go. And if you sign for Casa de Meze’s newsletter, you will get a free bottle of wine with your next meal there. What are you waiting for???

A city centre Tapas Bar, and a fresh start for an old backpackers hostel

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Wow, already Tuesday. First of all, a big thank you to Tom and Jess, Graham and Silvia, and Rob and Jonno for a great evening on Sunday night. We were invited to our first BBQ in Cairns and we very much enjoyed it.

Today has been pretty easy but we have achieved a few things. We have basically spent the day looking for a company to do our promotional stuff and it seems we found it. Very soon we will have some merchandising to start giving away and become bigger and bigger. We are also looking to have our van decorated, so it will go from being an ordinary white one to a fanciful Cairns Unlimited colourful van. Very soon, my friend, very soon…
As we have mentioned, we have been trying to make time to meet important local businesspeople around Cairns. Today, we visited David, who runs SAPPHIRE TAPAS BAR, a bar, lounge and event venue, right in the centre of town. It’s a beautiful space, decorated with Contemporary, Modern and Post-modern Art. Sapphire hosts a range of events during the year, so keep an eye out for them in our CAIRNS WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE. And if you visit, don’t miss the painting on the right hand wall as you enter!

The Sapphire’s walls are filled with Contemporary, Modern and Post-modern Art, almost giving the feel of a full fledged art gallery. Glenn, from Inn The Tropics, looks like he's still recovering from his week's holiday down south..

And finally today we caught up with Glenn, from INN THE TROPICS backpackers hostel. He showed up around the hostel and I can tell you it is big. They own CALYPSO BACKPACKERS as well, and if any of you reading this blog are looking to have a good time and listen to good music, make it to Calypso in the evening and enjoy yourself. But if you want to know what’s on this week, once again… don’t miss our CAIRNS WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE, with new events being added every day. Or our TROPICAL NORTH QUEENSLAND EVENTS CALENDAR if you want to know what’s on in the whole region.

We just found out that the shipment we sent from Spain will arrive in Brisbane this week and then we will have another week or so to pick it up if we don’t want to pay $180 a day for storage. So we are planning to fly from CAIRNS to Brisbane and then rent a van for the drive back to Cairns. Why don’t we drive both ways, you ask? Well, have you ever driven 1700 kilometres, just to turn around and drive 1700 kilometres back? Add up the cost of fuel, and it’s actually cheaper to fly. And on our way back we will stop at visit some more people in AIRLIE BEACH, MISSION BEACH, TOWNSVILLE and some other places. And maybe even make it to the NORTHERN OUTBACK, a place I really look forward to getting to know a bit better, it has some kind of mystery I cannot wait to discover…

Anyway, time to go. Check back soon…