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Breakfast at Lake Morris

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Last Sunday I was feeling very lazy, so lazy that I was planning to stay in bed for as long as my back could take it, which is a lot, I must admit. But for Steve, as soon as the sun is up it’s time to get up and do things. Even if it’s only go downstairs and lay down on the sofa. But on Sunday he knew he had to come up with something more interesting that just that, so he offered a “mystery ride”. Usually I would have said no, I don’t like getting in the car and drive for hours without a proper destination. For me, a drive is a way of getting to a place and once there, get out of the car and enjoy at least a few hours there. But Steve loves getting in the car, driving for an hour, stopping for a coffee, getting back in the car again, next town or destination, checking the beach this time for a few minutes, and so on. So, as you can see, we’re extremely different regarding this. Don’t worry, in these cases, he always wins.

Anyway, I still said yes to the mystery drive and got in the car. We ended up in Lake Morris, where a dam to supply Cairns with water has been built. The area is beautiful, peaceful and the drive, although full of my hated corners, is amazing. All the way you drive under hundreds of trees of all types and descriptions and it couldn’t get any¬†greener that that. Absolutely beautiful.

We got there having had no breakfast at all, so first stop was the kiosk. After a hot chocolate (the early morning was a bit chilly, don’t forget we’re in winter) and a blueberry muffin, we went for a walk around the area. There’s not a lot really there, but it has wonderful views of the dam and the mountains surrounding it. And it also has public barbies and picnic tables, so don’t be surprise if we go back there very soon to enjoy a meal in the area. We’re having visitors very soon, and this place I’m sure they will love.