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Maria’s new Aussie hat makes its debut!

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Another beautiful day in paradise and we are right in the middle of winter. Just five minutes away from where we live we have got some magnificent beaches, as you can see in the photo. They are called the NORTHERN BEACHES, and this one where we came to have breakfast and read the paper is called HOLLOWAY’S BEACH. The photo was taken at 7.30am, but who wants to stay in bed in such a glorious Saturday morning?????? Well, in fact, I would have loved sleeping in a bit longer, but that’s another story. So we got up, got our gear ready and made it to the beach.

Beautiful Holloways Beach, in the Northern Beaches north of Cairns, in Tropical North Queensland.Maria posing with her new hat in Holloways Beach, in Tropical North Queensland.

I finally wore the hat Steve bought me a few days ago. Everybody, and when I say everybody I mean every single person in this part of the world, wears a hat. It is a very Aussie tradition and since I’m becoming an Aussie…

We’re still in the middle of our marketing campaign to let everybody know we are here. And we are not doing too bad at all. In fact, we are doing a very good job promoting CAIRNS and Tropical North Queensland to everybody. We still go down to the city centre every day to hand out our beautiful postcards. By they way, it seems like none of you is interested in having a postcard sent from Australia. They look beautiful in the picture and they are even more stunning “live”. Anybody??????

Double Island, Barron Falls, and a Northern Outback road. Three of the many faces of Tropical North Queensland.Wednesday and Thursday were great days for our business. We had lots of new people, even some companies we hadn’t contacted beforehand, ordering UPGRADED LISTINGS in our website. Also we have been crawling slowly on Google ranks and now CAIRNS UNLIMITED is within the first five websites in many specific searches. We are becoming popular very fast, although we are also working hard to get there. But it doesn’t seem so hard when you can wear THONGS all year round, does it?. Long gone are the days when I had to wear winter suits and high heel boots to go to work…

And last night we decided to celebrate it going out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant in Cairns. We checked our DINING page and our CAIRNS WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE before going out and we were tempted by some Mexican food. The food itself was amazing but the servings were a bit too small. In general, the restaurant was a bit overpriced. You don’t have to worry, the restaurant won’t make it to our dining page. Why? Because we are committed to our readers and if something is not good enough for ourselves, then it is not good enough for our readers. Fair dinkum! But following the Mexican night, we went for a drink to a Mexican bar, where there was a pre party to the Kuranda Roots, the new reggae festival in Tropical North Queensland. Are you curious about it? Read more in our KURANDA page and why don’t you make it to Kuranda for the next festival? Next one is in September, called Reggaetown. What are you waiting for? Drop us an email letting us know what you need for your next holiday in Tropical North Queenland, and pack your suitcase or backpack. We look forward to say G’day to you.

Anyway, tomorrow will be another day and we will come back to let you know what and how we are doing. Stay tuned!!!

Checking out the Cairns Northern Beaches - Maria’s first Aussie garage sale

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

Today it has been very productive in terms of shopping. Great!!! After a very early start (I cannot believe that although today is Saturday, Steve was up at 7:00am and felt that I should get up as well). He insisted so much that I got up, so I didn’t have to listen to him any longer, but I must admit that I wasn’t in a good mood at all. Anyway, we decided to make the most of our new life in Tropical North Queensland and have breakfast in any of the CAIRNS NORTHERN BEACHES. So we took our cereals, milk, bowls and spoons and off we went to find the ideal beach for the ocassion.First we went to MACHANS BEACH, the closest to CAIRNS. We drove back and forth trying to find a spot to enjoy our breakfast, but, being the least developed of the Northern Beaches, we could not find what we were looking for and made our way to HOLLOWAY’S BEACH, the next one.

Holloway’s Beach is a very laid back little village, with beautiful houses overlooking the sandy white and, at the wee hours of the morning according to the Spanish schedule, deserted beach. So we found our spot and sat down to enjoy our beautiful cereal while searching the paper in order to find our dream house.

Enjoying our delicious and nutritious breakfast...Looking for a house.

I must admit that, although too early for me, don’t forget I’m Spanish and days in Spain don’t start till noon, I enjoyed our little trip to the beach very much. However, BEACHES in this part of the world are completely different to many others, including the Spanish ones. In Tropical North Queensland you will hardly ever see a crowded beach, even less not find any place to sit down. In Tropical North Queensland, 99.9% of the beaches are nearly deserted and you can have a beautiful pristine tropical beach all to yourself.

And after breakfast and a bit of relaxation listening to the sound of the waves and the birds, we looked for garage sales in the classifieds section of the paper. And we found them. How different, again, to Spain. Just before we left the flat we were living in Madrid, we organised a garage sale to sell most of our belonging, all those things we didn’t want or couldn’t bring to CAIRNS with us. And, believe it or not, we weren’t too successful. It is not a common thing to do in Spain at all, and although we sold nearly everything, we were a bit dissapointed. People are not crazy about them as they are here. A tip: if you are ever to do a garage sale in Australia, don’t forget to make very clear the time you will start letting people go through your stuff, or bargain hunters will get to your place even before the sun is up. Crazy Aussies!!! I reckon it is because they have to live upside down all their life, don’t you think?

Our new belongings. So we went to a garage sale run by some people who were selling their house, furniture, etc because they had decided to live on a boat. And we found exactly what we were looking for: two office chairs and a cork board. The success of the day!!!

Happily, we went back home only to discover that we had lots and lots to do on our website and even though we wanted to go into town and check some of the MARKETS and later on go to YORKEYS KNOB to check their Festival of the Knob, celebrated every year, we had to stay home working very hard to have everything ready to launch the site in a few days. I guess Tropical North Queensland can wait a few more days, can’t it?