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Another lucky winner

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Well, the first lucky Cairns Unlimited winners have been announced:

Winners so far in our October Classifieds competition are:
John Greven - two free passes to ATHERTON CHINATOWN AND HOU WANG TEMPLE
Sharlene Feenan - free family pass to tour the DUYFKEN
Sophia Warren - free family pass to tour the DUYFKEN
Jarrod Donkin - Cairns Unlimited stubby cooler
Justin Dabner - Cairns Unlimited tshirt

Other winners were also chosen, but have not yet responded to claim their prize.

Ravenshoe's steam train.For now, Cairns Unlimited are in the possession of six free passes to ride RAVENSHOE’S STEAM RAILWAY. These passes are up for grabs in pairs, TWO free passes to each of the first THREE people who email us and tell us ANYTHING AT ALL about Ravenshoe’s Steam Railway. You couldn’t get much easier than that!

Please note: the passes expire on the 31st January, so please don’t apply if you (or someone you know) won’t be able to use the passes. TO ENTER.

Maria and I had one of our most interesting business meetings ever this morning. We met with Dave Povis, owner of Dave’s Boatyard. Dave was telling us of the ‘good old days’ when he used to transport backpackers between Townsville and Cairns on board his custom built boat. These days, Dave is happy running his boatyard on the bank of the Barron River, with scores of BOATS FOR HIRE or sale.

The Duyfken and more visitors

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

We’re enjoying a great weekend with Steve’s brother, Phillip, and his Thai friend, Noo. Finally someone is visiting us in our new home in Yorkey’s Knob. If you remember, Phillip is the guy we worked for during a weekend in the markets, when we had recently moved to Australia. I must say that, although it was hard getting up at 2am, I really enjoyed working there. It was a completely different experience. But if I was asked again, I’m not that sure I would say yes. Haha, just a joke, I would be delighted to do it. And I think Steve would be too. He enjoyed it even more than I did.

The three of them in front of Cairns Lagoon.Back at the markets, so you can all remember it.

Apart from sleeping in and enjoying the delicious Thai food that Noo has been cooking for us, this morning we went to visit the “Duyfken”, a replica of a 1606 Dutch ship. And the reason why this ship is so important is in the following paragraph, taken from the Duyfken website.

“The first recorded chart of the Australian coastline was made by Duyfken’s Dutch skipper, Captain Willem Janszoon, and the first time recorded in history when Aboriginal Australians met people from the outside world occurred during Duyfken’s 1606 voyage of discovery. Indeed, the indigenous people of Cape York still talk about the Duyfken landing in their oral history. For the crew of the original Duyfken, theirs was a voyage beyond the known world at the time. They thought that a land of gold known as “Nova Guinea” could exist to the southeast and they set out to find it. What they found was the Gulf of Carpentaria coast of Australia’s Cape York Peninsula and the oldest living culture on Earth — but no gold.”

As you can see by the photos, the ship really looks like an old ship, one of those we’ve seen many times in Hollywood movies. Or weren’t you thinking of Pirates of the Caribbeans? We did.

The Duyfken, which will be anchored in Cairns for six months. The ship is travelling all over Australia, including Tropical North Queensland. A replica of the canons the original Duyfken had.

Marjorie and Yasmin were very kind to tour us around and tell us all the secrets of the ship. We really enjoyed their knowledge of the history of the Duyfken and their personal little stories. Thanks a lot, it was great!

With Marjorie and Yasmin, part of the crew. Discovering America. Hang on, we're not talking about Columbus here, are we?.

And in between listening to the interesting histoy of the Duyfken, we still had some time to be ourselves.

Steve. Maria.

And that’s all for today. We will be back soon with new photos and hopefully more adventures.