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New friends!!!

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

As usual, we have been very busy, but we have somehow managed to find time to meet some of our customers, that, as you can see in the photos, had already become good friends by the end of their stay.

Nacho and Cristina are from Barcelona, Spain, and Nacho contacted me a while ago because he wanted everything to turn out good. This was his first trip with Cristina and Austalia was his whole idea, so he couldn’t fail. They first went to Sydney to visit their friends Dan and Paula (also in the photo) and later came to Tropical North Queensland, stopping along the way in MISSION BEACH, CAIRNS and CAPE TRIBULATION. I think their favourite spot was Mission Beach, they were lucky enought to find a room in Scotty’s Beach House Backpackers Hostel, the place where we slept when we were making our way to Cairns from Brisbane. Don’t you remember? No dramas, check our previous blogs.

We went out with them for lunch, along with their friends Dan and Paula, Aussie and Spanish, and we enjoyed a really beautiful Mexican lunch. Loyal to the Spanish tradition, we finished our lunch and stayed in the restaurant long after, sharing travel stories, different points of view about various subjects, and just enjoying ourselves. I was very sad when we had to say goodbye, for some reason I felt I was saying goodbye to old friends. I hope they come back very very soon, otherwise we will have to go to Barcelona and see them. Good luck with all your project, guys, you deserve it!

Nacho and Cristina came to Cairns, in Tropical North Queensland, to spend their holidays. Here they met with Paula and Dan, friends from Sydney. We met Ana and Elias in Cairns, the day before they went diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

Ana and Elias live in Sydney and came to Tropical North Queensland to celebrate Ana’s birthday. Happy birthday, “guapa”! I had been in touch with Ana long before they planned their trip to Cairns, we both belong to an online community of Spanish expats, so we had chatted on the phone and exchanged emails a few of times. But when Ana decided she wanted to visit this wonderful part of Australia, mostly because she wanted to go on one of the many DIVING TRIPS to the Great Barrier Reef, she contacted me and asked for our help. We put together a nice itinerary for them and during their time in CAIRNS, they also visited KURANDA, the DAINTREE RAINFOREST, the GREAT BARRIER REEF, and today they are in PORT DOUGLAS. Ana doesn’t know yet, it is a surprise Elias has organised for her, but they are staying in these beautiful apartments, Lychee Tree Holiday Apartments and later on they’re going for a beautiful Aboriginal show with dinner in the middle of the Rainforest. Have a really good time, guys!!! Poor Ana really wanted to go scuba diving and they booked a trip through us with one of the many diving companies. But she felt really sick on the way and didn’t feel like diving. And the crew were so nice than Ana got a refund. Isn’t it awesome? I hope they can come back and try again, it is really worth it.

And we also met with another great couple, Maria Jose and Fernando. It is a shame we didn’t take any photos when we shared a few drinks with them, but they have promised to send us some pics when they go back home. They only wanted to go snorkelling, so we booked them with one company that only does snorkelling so you can be assured that you will be taken to coral reefs suitable for snorkellers. And they had the time of their life!!! Today they should be on a SCENIC FLIGHT over the WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS, spending some time on WHITEHAVEN BEACH. Guys, let us know how everything went.

This is a photo of the Digital Underwater Cameras Cairns Unlimited has for rent. Take as many photos as you want of your diving or snorkelling trip to the Great Barrier Reef.And of course, their trip to the Reef was even more enjoyable because they rented from us one of our great DIGITAL UNDERWATER CAMERAS. If you are thinking of scuba diving or snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, don’t miss the oportunity of renting one of our latest model 7.1 megapixels digital underwater cameras for much less than you think. Have a look at the photo of the camera and if you are still hesitant, why don’t you

Kangaroos in the garden and prizes to be won!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

Every morning, we’re woken by a chorus of unseen tropical bids. If we’re lucky, they let us sleep in till 6:30. In light of this, you might imagine that we tend to go to bed fairly early. But a couple of days ago, I awoke to something that - even as an Aussie - took me by surprise… a large kangaroo hopping past our front garden. Contrary to popular belief in some countries, this is not a normal thing in urban Australia. I ran to the fridge to grab some lettuce in the hope of enticing the roo to our door, but he was gone by the time I found where the lettuce is stored. Shame, I like kangaroos… especially medium rare.

While we’ve been overwhelmed with new advertisers on Cairns Unlimited, one section of the site that we have overlooked is our FREE ONLINE CLASSIFIEDS. Although the Classifieds don’t generate any revenue, we see this as an important part of Cairns Unlimited, for a number of reasons:
* It increases brand awareness of Cairns Unlimited among the local community
* It draws larger numbers of visitors to Cairns Unlimited, helping our overall page rank and status
* It will be just another way that Cairns Unlimited fills the needs of every person coming to Tropical North Queensland

So… we’re doing soemthing about it. This weekend, we’re hot on the phones, letting every Tom, Dick and Harry know about our new FREE Classifieds. We’re offering up a great array of prizes to be won, and everybody who posts an ad in our Classifieds this month goes in the draw.

Sorry to those of you from outside TNQ, but the Classifieds (and therefore the competition) are just for North Queenslanders. But this is the first of many great competitions to come. So keep an eye on this blog, and our COMPETITIONS page.

Maria on 'our beach'... Yorkeys Knob. Canon's new 7.1 Megapixel Powershot A570IS, with underwater case. Now for rent at Cairns Unlimited

Here’s something else that’s new… we received a delivery this week, a big box full of brand new 7.1 Megapixel Canon cameras and Canon waterproof cases. Why would we want so many cameras, you ask? Well, think about it…