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Back in Cairns

Monday, January 4th, 2010

What happened with our holidays? Are they finished already? Well, it definitely looks like it, since we have been back in Cairns for a few days already and the office seems to be occupied most of the time with us in front of the computer.

However, the time we managed to take off was awesome and seeing family and friends again was something we always enjoy. This time, though, we won’t take so long in going back to Brisbane, since we want our baby to meet everyone there.

We had time to do lots of things in Brisbane, apart from relaxing in the jacuzzi. We visited the Queensland Museum, where we learnt a lot about living in Australia and its flora and fauna. We also visited an exposition about costumes worn by Opera singers and ballet dancers in famous performances by Queensland companies and although we tried to visit the Brisbane Police Museum, it was closed for the Christmas period. Funny that they decided to close during their busiest time of the year. And the last day we went for a walk to the Botanic Gardens.

But not all the time was spent visiting museums and galleries. We also visited many friends and enjoyed delicious barbies at their places. My parents were always happy when there were children around, so even though they didn’t understand anything that was being said, they could always play with the kids.

Back in Cairns life is back to normal again. Lots of work and many visits to the doctor to check that they baby is doing fine. So far, it looks like it. The little devil doesn’t stop moving around and although there’s only 5 weeks to go now, they seem like a life time sentence. However, I have been promised all nigh long sleeping nights and I’m already looking forward to them.

Here you have some pics of our time away.