What’s winter like in Tropical North Queensland?

That last blog entry was one of the rare occasions where you will see photos of us in long sleeves and trousers. (..and while I’m at it, wherever this nonsense about ‘Beauty and the Beast’ came from I don’t know*)

Winter in Tropical North Queensland is a far cry from the season that the southern half of Australia endures at this time of year. It’s 11:00am as I write this, and my trusty Cairns Unlimited thermometer tells me it’s 27 degrees (that’s 81 degrees American) which is not a bad winter’s temperature, I reckon.

Here at Yorkeys Knob, we’re getting a bit of a sea breeze, but there’s not a cloud in the sky. In fact, Maria booked two of her Spanish clients onto a scenic flight this afternoon, and they couldn’t have wished for a more perfect day to view the rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef from above. 

We have been as busy as ever, Maria taking care of her clients and also translating the website into Spanish (and expanding it!) and me looking after the numerous businesses who advertise on Cairns Unlimited, and building our Digital Underwater Camera Rental business. That side of the business has really started taking off, largely because we are renting the latest model cameras at the lowest prices in town. Word is starting to spread, and we’re even receiving advance bookings from around the world, this morning from a travel agent in Canada who wants to book one of our Digital Underwater Cameras for her upcoming visit to Cairns in a few months time.

In my spare time, I have been trying to expand the English version of Cairns Unlimited to include basic travel information for other regions of Australia. Although we will always be a Tropical North Queensland travel website, we recognize that many of our readers are also planning to travel outside of this region, and they may benefit from a bit of useful information for their time in Sydney, or Darwin or Uluru…  Actually, i am just copying off Maria’s great idea, but in English! And I am months behind her, so my project is still in the skeletal stage, but you can check it out at www.cairnsunlimited.com/australia

Maybe I will get time to make some progress on that over the weekend, but I’m busy building some (much needed!) additional office furniture, and am also quite preoccupied with another project which we will be unveiling over the coming days. Check back here on Wednesday to see…

2 Responses to “What’s winter like in Tropical North Queensland?”

  1. Adrian Green Says:

    Hi Sav & Maria, Congratulations on a great web site look forward to catching up with you & seeing the North next winter all going well. No doubt in my mind who the beast is. Thats all for now , see you soon hopefully Adrian

  2. Mercedes Says:

    dear Maria and Steve,
    well, this is mainly to get a Maria’s smile. you are right steve, she must be homesick and I want her to know we always think of her. I do.
    this summer I’m going with my sisters and Cuchi to Costa Rica, and in before to Amsterdam with Ana Baena, but I’ll consider for next year to go to visit you.
    Maria, I have a boyfriend!! we are together for 6 months already!! things go great so far…I promise to write you a long email soon.
    I hope you are enjoying your life there….if I ever get tired of this life could I go and get a job there?
    it seems you are having a wonderful life, and specially because you are sharing it with your love.
    keep enjoying it and don’t forget your friends in Madrid will be always your friends!!!.
    muchos besos María y una gran sonrisa que espero me devuelvas :)

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