Busy, busy, busy… but there’s always time to wander around a market

For the first time in many months, we managed to have a -mostly- relaxing weekend. Of course, we still had emails to reply to; car rental enquiries for me, and Spanish enquiries for Maria. Speaking of which, have you even seen how much of the site Maria has translated into Spanish recently? She has not only translated most of the information about Tropical North Queensland, but has spent months researching other major destinations around Australia, and has included information about them as well… Sydney, Melbourne, Kakadu, Thulimbah…No wonder she hasn’t had time to make me bacon and eggs in the mornings any more!¬†

We still had camera deliveries over the weekend, but we’re getting used to that now, and it’s just a normal part of our daily routine. In fact, it was because of a camera delivery to Palm Cove on Sunday that we decided to go the extra distance and¬†visit Port Douglas. Well, it was just an excuse, really. Both of us really have a soft spot for Port Douglas, with its laid back holiday atmosphere, and its stylish charm.

It was a typical sleepy Sunday in ‘Port’, but with promoted festivities planned for the evening as part of a week-long local festival. Maria and I both love exploring a good market, so we headed down to the waterfront where every Sunday the Port Douglas Markets take over the parkland around the famous ‘Saint Mary By The Sea’ chapel. Which reminds me, have you seen the most recent addition to Cairns Unlimited?

Port Douglas markets didn’t disappoint, with a great mix of fresh produce, clothes, jewellery, arts and crafts. As a dedicated snacker, I did find it a bit light on the munchies department, though, and was relieved when I eventually found a nut stall, where I treated myself to a bag of honey pistachios and a bag of chili garlic peanuts. I shared them with Maria of course.

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