One of the great things about living in Tropical North Queensland is the wildlife. While slaving away in our office, our attention is quite often caught by a kangaroo or wallaby bounding past the window. On a number of occasions, our morning walks on the beach reward us with the sight of dolphins lazily playing or fishing. And then there’s the birdlife…

After several years overseas, there’s nothing quite like the call of a kookaburra to remind you that you are definitely in Australia. If you’ve never seen a kookaburra, here’s a nice little shot Maria snapped up the other day in our garden.


And if you’ve never heard a kookaburra, all you need to do is visit our Tropical North Queensland Birdwatching page. Make sure your volume is turned right up!

 The kookaburra must be one of my favourite birds, but a close second would be the white or ‘Sulphur Crested’ cockatoo. A rather raucous fellow but gorgeous, the white cockatoo really epitomizes the saying “better seen and not heard”. One of the gardens in our street seems to attract large numbers of white cockatoos at times, as they scramble around on the lawn, feeding on the fruit that falls form some tree, variety unknown to me.

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  1. Megan from Imaginif Says:

    Great photography Maria …..I try hard but all my photos end up looking like Skippy skipping away in a hurry!
    Do you guys know about the Carnival of Australia. These posts would be perfect for both the Carnival and for marketing your Cairns based business (rather partial I am to Cairns :) )

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