BBQ at the Cairns Esplanade

Some of you, who followed Steve’s travels all around the world, will remember a BBQ we had in the mountains close to Madrid a couple of years ago. When we got to the site it was -2º Celsius, and after a few hours, when it was time to leave, it was still the same temperature. Despite the temperature, we remember that day fondly, we had a great time with our friends Guille and Natalia. We loved the place so much we went back there a few more times and it was always as cold, but, as you can see, we always had fun.

Well, yesterday we had arranged to meet up with Natalia (another Natalia) and Maria, Natalia´s mother, from Spain, to show them the Aussie tradition. It had been raining heavily the day before and that morning, but the arvo was sunny and glorious. So we went down the Cairns Esplanade ready with our gear to impress them with delicious sausages and fried onion. We had enough time to cook the barbie, as you can see in the foto, but just about. It started raining heavily and although we were sitting undercover, by the end of the night we were completely soaked. Although we still enjoyed nice food. It remainded me of that day in Madrid, though the weather conditions weren´t as adverse as that day two or thee years ago.

Following the Aussie tradition, Steve, the only man of the group, cooked the food. And he did a fantastic job!!! Usually, the sheilas, that´s the women, had to prepare the salads, set the table up and all those boring jobs. And it there is a kitchen that where we usually end up. But this is not only an Aussie habit, it seems it is always the same in every country. I wonder why, as I never seen a group of men talking about their business in the kitchen.

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3 Responses to “BBQ at the Cairns Esplanade”

  1. Megan from Imaginif Says:

    I once wrote a paper called, “It’s all in the sausage - The sexual division of labour at a barbeque.”

    I never thought I would say it, but I am over the rain for the time being.

  2. Maria Says:

    It’s probably the only time when men take care of the cooking!!!

  3. Steve Says:

    The sheilas are always in charge of the salad.

    And buttering the bread rolls.

    It’s the law of nature.

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