Exploring the area around Cairns

Yesterday, Sunday, the day of the Lord, the sun woke us up very early (well, and a couple of our clients who were waiting for the bus to take them to Cape Tribulation on a tour) and since the sky was blue, the shine shining and the birds singing (another reason why we were up early), we decided to take the day off and go to explore the area north of Cairns.

First stop was Ellis Beach, one of the Cairns Northern Beaches and probably the least known of them all. We love the place and, actually, we’re not too unhappy if it remains still a bit of a secret. We stopped there to have breakky before we went on with our trip. The café just opposite the beach, there’s only one, so chances are you won’t miss it, still have more than affordable prices and breakfast is very good, with a bit for everyone. I discovered raisin bread at my Aussie Mum’s place at Christmas and loved it. Every time I have the chance, I order raisin toasts and that’s what I had yesterday. Three big fat slices of raisin toasts. And a vanilla thickshake that Steve and myself had to share, it was huge.

Our next destination of the day was Port Douglas. Being a Sunday morning, the city was a bit quiet and not many tourists could be seen in the streets. We soon found out why, everyone was at the Port Douglas markets that are held just by the sea. As I told Steve, what a beautiful place to have a market, overlooking the Coral Sea and listening to the sound of the waves. There was a good array of stalls, from second hand bric and brac, to arts and crafts (we fell in love with a mirror frame made out of irregular pieces of wood, although a bit too pricey for us). But what I found most interesting of all were faces carved on coconut shells. We didn’t think of taking a photo of the faces and I now regret them because my explanations won’t describe the faces as well. They were absolutely hilarious, with big eyes, thick red lips and funny hair. We bought a fruit called mangostin, originally from Asia, purple on the outside and white on the inside. We tried and the flavour is very delicate. It reminded me of some other fruit I had tried but still cannot think of the name. Steve is the one who wanted to buy them, see if he eats them or I end up eating them (he loves buying fruit although he seldom eats any). Mangostins are one of the many delicious tropical fruits locals love to make wines out of.

We also met Charlie, a dedicated biker, who runs Harley Davidson tours of the region. He will take you wherever you want to go on this gorgeous bike. He was so sweet as to let me sit on the bike to have a photo taken. The problem was that I then didn’t want to get off the bike. What a beauty! Being as unlucky as we usually are, just as I sat on the bike and Steve was going to take a photo, our batteries run out. So we ran to the nearest shop to buy new batteries cause there was no way I was going to leave Port Douglas without a photo of this baby.

After Port Douglas we went to Mossman Gorge, where we enjoyed a very refreshing swim. The water was freezing, but we still were brave enough to have a dip, while everyone else stared at us. I guess that there is a good side to all this rain we have had in the last few weeks and it’s that creeks, gorges, falls, etc are full to the brim, offering a fabulous sight. We have never seen Mossman Gorge carrying so much water. And the rainforest around Mossman Gorge is fabulous as well, so green and tall and lush. Here you have two photos of Mossman Gorge, one of them the waterhole where swimming is safe (no stingers or crocs here, although you still have to be careful with the currents) and the other one of the gorge, where it is not advisable to swim, I guess there is no need for me to explain why.

After Mossman Gorge we visited beautiful Newell Beach, just a few kilometres north. Newell Beach is a little beachfront comunity, with basically just a street facing the beach. The beach at Newell is beautiful. It is still hard for me to understand how, when some of the beaches Australia boasts are absolutely magnificent, most of them are still completely deserted. I guess I compare them with the ones that we have in mainland Spain, which are covered by the bodies of two thirds of the Spanish population. Steve loves day dreaming, buying run down properties and remodelling them, but all in his head. Yesterday he really enjoyed this pastime, driving me around to have a look at some of the houses, talking about what could be done with this property, bla bla bla. He even became rich in his dreams… But I must agree Newell Beach was beautiful, and very tropical, as you can see in the picture.

After Newell Beach came Wonga Beach and Oak Beach, but by that time we were feeling a bit tired and wanted to get home as soon as possible, so we only stopped for a couple of minutes and kept on driving. We didn’t even take photos, I guess we will have to go back some other time, hopefully very soon, my friend…

And here you have Steve’s favourite pic of the day, the car, my car, driving through some serious flood on the road to Mossman Gorge. And the photo next to it is dedicated to all my ex co workers back in Madrid. Guys, can you believe I drive this car????????

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    Thanks for joining us in the Carnival of Australia. Don’t we live in the most splendid part of the world. I love Cairns. What do you think about starting up a Cairns Carnival? There’s a few local bloggers and a few new ones in the pipeline.

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