Socializing in Cairns and marketing Cairns Unlimited

We’re starting to get things under control here at Cairns Unlimited base camp. The orders for advertising are still coming in solidly, and now that we have been leaving our business cards all around town, the phones have been ringing hot as well. But we’ve caught up with a lot of behind-the-scenes tasks. I am up to date with the accounting side of things, and have sent out all the invoices to advertisers, while Maria has been working on our first edition of the CAIRNS WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE.

We have even had time to break away from the office each day and get some fresh air down on the CAIRNS ESPLANADE, handing out free Cairns Unlimited postcards to tourists. It’s amazing how popular something can be when it’s free! But it’s great marketing for us, because not only does each tourist get to read a little about Cairns Unlimited on the back of the postcard, but they then send it to a friend who inevitably discovers Cairns Unlimited as well. Two for the price of one, so to speak!

Double Island, Barron Falls, and a Northern Outback road. Three of the many faces of Tropical North Queensland.Maria handing out Cairns Unlimited postcards on the Cairns Esplanade. Maria handing out Cairns Unlimited postcards on the Cairns Esplanade.

If you know someone who might appreciate a lovely Cairns Unlimited postcard, why not EMAIL US their name and address, and a *brief* message to write on the card, and we’ll drop it in the mail to them on your behalf!

But over the last couple of weeks, we have definitely spent altogether too much time hunched over a computer. So last night, we shined our shoes and dropped in to SKINNY DIPS, Cairns’ only exclusively gay and lesbian resort. The owners had invited us to have a look around their place and join them for a drink at the resort’s bar. It was a quiet night at Skinny Dips, as many of the guests had gone out for the evening, but that was fine by us, since it gave us plenty of opportunity to chat with Wayne and Glenn, two of the owners. We talked about the state of the tourism industry in general, and about the gay scene in Cairns.

Maria and I soaked up everything they said, as we are determined to market Cairns Unlimited not just to the mainsteam, but to provide comprehensive and genuinely useful information to ’special interest’ groups such as the GAY AND LESBIAN market, TRAVELLING FAMILIES, TRAVELLERS WITH DISABILITIES, and even those of you who like to bring their PETS on vacation with you.

That is one of the things that will set Cairns Unlimited apart; that we have taken the time to research and compile information for specific groups. If you browse the site, you’ll see that we have whole sections devoted to BIRDWATCHING, FISHING, and even BULLFIGHTING

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