Enjoying the summer at Yorkeys Knob, on Cairns Northern Beaches

This morning was another glorious summer morning here in our tropical paradise, in fact one of the hottest mornings yet, and I impressed onlookers with my ‘cat on a hot tin roof’ impression as I barefoot-skipped painfully across the scalding hot beach sand this morning. It was only 7:30am but already the sand was hot enough to peel layers of skin off delicate soles.

Maria ambled slowly and casually some distance behind me (barefoot as well) so as to prove her superior pain threshold and to disassociate herself from the performing clown that I had become.  But the joke was on her when we reached the netted swimming enclosure. Since we were really just on our way to the shop to buy milk, Maria wasn’t wearing swimmers, so could only carry my hat and wallet while I enjoyed a refreshing dip!! She was too shy to go skinnydipping. Which reminds me, it’s a sad fact that there are no ‘officially condoned’ nude beaches in Queensland. Our research has turned up a number of beaches where nudity has been unoficially tolerated for decades, but the Queensland government seems to be against letting folks achieve an allover tan. While we were researching the subject, we came across quite a few nude-friendly or clothing-optional accommodation options around the region. If you’re interested, please check out our new NUDIST AND NATURISTSpage.

Maria enjoying an early morning swim at Yorkey's Knob, on the Cairns Beaches Steve doing a poor James Bond impression at Yorkeys Knob, on the Cairns Northern Beaches

Thus, the photo of Maria above was actually taken yesterday morning, and clearly shows the netted swimming enclosure that provides safe swimming during the summer STINGER SEASON. In fact, if you look behind Maria, you will see the rugged hill that put the ‘knob’ in YORKEYS KNOB.

There was a story in the paper recently that I wanted to share with you. On the 30th of January last year, in Montivideo, Uraguay, miners uncovered what turned out to be the largest Amethyst Geode in the world. It was found in an amethyst tap that was 130 million years old. The geode itself, when stood upright, is 3.26 metres high, and weighs three tonnes!!

But what has that got to do with Tropical North Queensland, you ask? Well, guess where that monster geode ended up? Just 90 minutes drive from Cairns, in ATHERTON. That’s right. Our friend René (not RENEE, as I had been writing) snapped up the three tonne giant, and had it shipped to Queensland to become the latest (and greatest?) addition to his already impressive collection, known as Crystal Caves.

Well, I’ve got loads of work to do, and I can’t sit around all day waffling on about geodes and trying to make you jealous because we live in such a paradise, so I will leave you with this nice photo of our neighbourhood. Ah….

A peaceful backstreet on Yorkeys Knob beach, just north of Cairns 

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