Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay was amazing. Stanthorpe had been cloudy and kind of cool for a couple of weeks. Now that we live in a tropical climate, we are not used to the cold. And we didn’t think for one second that the sun wasn’t going to shine, so we hadn’t even brought a jumper with us. I had to borrow Steve’s Mum’s clothes. So we headed south to Byron Bay looking for a bit of sunshine and warm weather. On our way to Byron Bay we could see that we were leaving the clouds behind us. What a treat. The city was really busy, but what can you expect the week before Christmas? People everywhere: shopping, eating, drinking, sunbathing or having a swim.

Our main reason for driving all the way to Byron Bay was to visit all the backpackers hostels in town. We have designed a promotional poster for Cairns Unlimited as well as free postcards promoting our DIGITAL UNDERWATER CAMERA RENTAL business and most of the hostels managers were kind enough to put them up for us. After such a tough job, we headed for the beach. Compared to the beaches of Tropical North Queensland, Byron Bay beach was wild. Thanks to the Great Barrier Reef, the water in the north is really calm and hardly ever there’s a wave. Completely different in Byron Bay. We jumped, dived, splashed each other, were thrown underwater for a few seconds, but mostly we had a terrific time. A shame all the backpackers hostels were completely full and the only rooms we could find were outrageously overpriced, so we came back to Stanthorpe that night. We forgot to take our camera with us, but here you have a photo we took in Byron Bay a couple of years ago, when we came to spend our holidays in Australia.

And now we are getting ready for Christmas, only in a couple of days time. To me it is still weird to celebrate Christmas without my scarf, gloves and a coat. But I must say it is nice.


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  1. Nava Says:

    My very dear
    Happy new year
    Full of joy and satisfaction
    Last year my dear Maria I was celabrating “noche vieja” with you, Steve and your family.
    It was such an exceptional night…
    Be happy
    Love you

  2. Steve Says:

    Hi Nava, thanks for your wishes and thanks for the mention of us in your newsletter, which we received today. I can promise you that our “Noche Vieja” (meaning New Years Eve, or literally ‘old night’ for those of you who are not fluent in espanol) was a lot - A LOT - quieter this year than last year.

    I missed Maria’s Mum’s Flamenco dancing :(

    Have a great 2008!!


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