Night at the movies and morning walk!

Last night neither of us felt like working after such a big night the night before. So we decided to call it a day and go to the movies. Which movie did we choose? We went to see “A death at a funeral”, and I strongly recommend it. The movie is really funny and entertaining with some very good moments. I had seen some trailers of it and thought that it was going to be like some other movies, which the only funny bits are those shown on the trailer. But no, “A death at a funeral” was actually great. I won’t disclose anything about the movie so I don’t ruin it for you, but don’t miss it if you can.

Steve proudly behind the typical Australian surf patrol's gear, in Yorkeys Knob.This morning we went for our daily walk on the beach and then for a swim, which is not something that we do every day. The water was perfect, a bit too warm for our taste, but we still enjoyed our walk on Yorkeys Knob’s beach. Even though at this time of the year it is dangerous to swim in the ocean because of the marine stingers, nearly all the beaches in Tropical North Queensland put stinger free enclosures, where it is safe to swim. We have checked all the Cairns Northern Beaches and we have seen them ourselves. And this photo is sooooooooo Australian, isn’t it? We love these pics in Spain, that’s why I’m posting it.

Talking about Spain, where are all my friends who should be posting comments in our blogs? Natali, Oscar, Ariel, David, Salva, Pepa, Carmina, Raquel????????????? Hey, where are all of you????????? I miss you, guys! My dad just told me that he’s attending internet lessons to be able to follow us on the net, send us photos and emails and keep in touch more regularly. It’s something I never thought I would see my dad do. Good on you, Dad!!!

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3 Responses to “Night at the movies and morning walk!”

  1. JuanmaGB Says:

    natali, Oscar, Ariel, David, Salva, Pepa, Carmina, Raquel…
    What about me????
    We should meet together one of these days to have a cyber-witch dinner.

    Miss you a lot.
    Best Muacs from cold Madrid, querida.


  2. Maria Says:

    Juanmita, I’m really really sorry, but you forgot to include me in the Sardinia group of Facebook. Revenge?????

    Count on me for the cyber witch dinner, do I have to wear the hat and sit on my broom?

    When are you coming to this beautiful side of the world????? It’s sooooooo hot.

    Chao, gorgeous,

  3. Steve Says:

    What’s all this ‘gorgeous’ and ‘muacs’? Do you people think I can’t read this???

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