Bonus pics

Clifton Beach, just north fo Cairns, has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Relaxing on Clifton Beach, between Cairns and Port Douglas.
The Steve posing on the Undara Lava Tubes lodge.
We saw many kangaroos along the way and they love being inmortalised. How Australian, isn't it?

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2 Responses to “Bonus pics”

  1. Nerea Serrano Says:


    i have heard about people in australia carrying their own fuel as the petrol station where sometimes far one from each other, but i could not believed, now i have got the proof. thanks for rescue me from my ignorance!!! ja ja. now really is so funny. And waht about the cute kangaroossss, may they became pets??? i gues that´s one of the 10 stupid questions of some one who thinks about australia in terms of cocodrilo dundee… maybe i need a tryp there to Know the country in deep!!! lost of love from spain

  2. Maria Says:

    Not so long ago even in the main highway drivers had to check how much petrol they had in their tanks before leaving, sometimes petrol stations were so far away that you could use nearly a full tank before reaching the next one.
    And yes, my mother in law kept a kangaroo and a wallaby as pets for a while. They’re really cute but can be dangerous as well if they feel threathened. They have a very strong claw at the front of their powerful hind legs. They sit back on their tail and kick their claws at your chest. And there have been cases of people being killed by them.
    Hey, write all your questions and come to visit us and we will try to find the answer together.

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