Enjoying visits from friends and family

We’ve been very busy lately with lots of friends and family who have come to visit us. No complaints, we love it.

First we had Denise, Steve’s cousin, staying with us for a couple of nights. She lives in Mundubbera and came to CAIRNS to attend a friend’s party on the ATHERTON TABLELANDS. And while she was here she spent some time with us. The first day, we went to Paronella Park as she had never been there before and was very keen to go. And we always love going back there, it’s a fabulous place. If any of you are making your way through INNISFAIL, we really recommend that you stop there for a few hours, you’ll be nicely surprised, as Denise was.

Denise and Steve at Paronella Park, close to Innisfail. Fantastic view of one of the ruins in Paronella Park, Tropical North Queensland, among lush Rainforest.

The day after Denise left, we had the visit of Jorge and Carmen, who were spending their holidays in Tropical North Queensland. Jorge and myself used to work together in Spain and now both of us have left the company although we have kept in touch. And it’s great to know that, even though you may be thousands of miles away, you will still see the people you care for. I hope more of my friends come to visit us in Cairns.

Us with Jorge and Carmen having dinner in one of the many restaurants of Cairns. Carmen and Maria in one of the many bars Cairns boasts.

And a week later we received the visit of Matt and Isobel, long time friends of Steve. Matt and Steve met when they both were working in London in 1994, and ever since, they have remained friends. I had met Matt in our previous visit to Australia, but I had never met Isobel. Finally I did. Lachy, Nadege and Marlo were also there, and we had a fantastic night. By the way, it was Matt, Lachy’s brother, who put us in touch with them and now we call Lachy and Nadege friends. Great!!!. As you can see, everybody enjoyed the evening at the hotel where Matt and Isobel were staying.

At the beginning of the evening. At the end of the evening.

But in between visits, we have still had time to work very very hard and actually make lots of improvements to the website. If you don’t believe me, have a look at our WEDDINGS page and then follow the links to all the weddings pages. They look beautiful, don’t they. And we have also taken some amazing pictures of Cairns. These ones below are just a taste of what you can find in this beautiful destination. What are you waiting for?

Birds at the Cairns beachfront. Magnificent sunset from the balcony of one of the many hotels in Cairns. Did you notice the rainbow?.

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