Three years together… And hopefully many more!

Today’s blog is a bit different from what we normally write about, but I think it’ll be worth it. Three years ago, in a night like tonight, sipping wine under the full moon of the Spanish coast, Steve and I confessed each other that there was something special between us. At the time, nobody thought we were gonna last for long, but here we are, 1095 days later, still together and looking forward to celebrating this day many many years to come.

The road hasn’t always been easy. We’ve been through some difficult times together, but we have always had the strength to overcome them and get closer to each other. But most of the time has been a sweet and smooth road, filled with happy and fun days. Thanks to Steve I have done things that I never ever dreamt of doing, I’ve been to places I never ever thought of going and I’ve met people I never ever tought of meeting. Steve has opened my eyes to a completely different world, has taught me that you can become whatever you want to become and you don’t have to settle down for second bests. Steve has taught me to see the good in the people and trust complete strangers, to believe in myself and pursue my beliefs. That I’m not worse than anybody else, that money doesn’t buy you happiness and the real meaning of friendship.

Thanks to Steve now I run my own business and my own life.

So to Steve, with his crankiness, need of continuous attention and lack of patiente, I have to say a big THANK YOU, for changing my live for the best and forever. Only one complain, I wish he wasn’t so untidy.


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