A flying visit to Brisbane, and a new home in Cairns

Tuesday 10th July, 2007

I know, I know… you’re going to say that this is supposed to be a DAILY Blog, not a weekly one. But we’ve got a good excuse, I promise. Well, two good excuses…

Last week, we found ourselves a new home, a recently renovated apartment in the leafy suburb of Whitfield, on the northern side of CAIRNS. And although it is great to have our own space, everyone knows what a pain it is to move house. So that has kept us very occupied.

But wait… there’s more! We also received news that required us to be in Brisbane, and with no time to waste.

Last Wednesday, we were still moving our furniture into our new home at midnight. Then, we had a 4.00am alarm to catch the early-bird flight to Brisbane. A couple of frantic days running around in Brisbane, a bit of time to relax over a BARBIE with mates, and a sort trip to say “G’day” to my Mum, and then it was time to head back to cairns on the double.

Luckily, a CAMPERVAN RENTAL COMPANIES we deal with needed one of their vans relocated from Brisbane to Cairns, so all we had to do was drive. And drive. And drive…

We stopped for a five-hour sleep break somewhere along the CASSOWARY COAST, but apart from that it was just straight driving, being kept awake by the regular appearance of a startled kangaroo in the headlights. The van was great to drive, very similar to our own van, but totally fitted out for camping, with its own fridge, stove, sink, and plenty of space for three people to sleep. If you’ve ever thoufght of a campervan holiday around Queensland, or right around Australia, I suggest We thought that was pretty good going. Even Maria took a turn at the wheel and we survived to tell the tale!

So now, we are back in Cairns, mostly settled into our new home, and champing to get back to work on Cairns Unlimited. This week, we are promoting Tropical North Queensland’s fantastic ‘Food and Wine’ tourism, particularly the region’s wonderful TROPICAL FRUIT WINERIES, and the increasingly popular ‘Food Trail’ of the ATHERTON TABLELANDS.

I’m sorry there’s no photos in today’s blog, folks. But after four years of being dragged to some of the most inhospitable places on the planet, my trusty little Canon A60 has decided to retire. As a parting gesture, it has left me with a few unforgettable images, which I have decided to share with you. On the left is a lovely photo of Maria, and on the right is a shot of our new apartment.

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