A guest blogger…

Today’s blog is written by my 15 year old nephew Joseph, following his adventure-packed visit to Tropical North Queensland:

One of the first things we did was drive up to the Atherton Tablelands for the day. It was a fun and diverse day, with lots of stops including, a cheese and chocolate factory, a museum called the Crystal Caves with the largest geode in the world!  We also stopped at this amazing fig tree and multiple Atherton Tablelands waterfalls.”


“This was one of the funnest outings I’ve ever done, we started out early in the morning at the port, and on the way to the Great Barrier Reef, I played around with my cousin. While waiting for my turn to dive, I went out snorkeling. Although this was an amazing experience and I took many photos  the funnest part was yet to come!”

“I went scuba diving twice, and it was the most amazing underwater experience I’ve ever had.  Not only were the colors vibrant but the wildlife was all around me… I even saw a shark lurking in the distance! Just as we were leaving the reef, rain started pouring down. I was very lucky that it waited till we’d finished our dives.”

“As you may already see by the photo, I also went skydiving in Cairns! Literally, it was breathtaking and many consider this the most incredible feeling. For nearly a whole minute, I was simply freefalling before my instructor opened the parachute and we slowly glided down, taking in the scenery on the way. I would recommend this activity to anyone who is slightly adventurous…”

“All in all, I classify this holiday as one of the best! Cairns is a place with lots of unique experiences to be had. Thanks Uncle Stephen!”

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