Sunday lunch at Marina Paradiso

Sunday was the last day of winter, and it was a perfect day to farewell the chilly season… thirty degrees, wide blue skies and just a breath of balmy tropical breeze. As good excuse as any to head down to the waterfront for a long boozy lunch.

The city of Cairns, being built on a coastal inlet, boasts many…. many… terrific spots to enjoy a glass or a meal overlooking the water, but none would be better than the open plan corner position under the Harbour Lights Hotel, enjoyed by Marina Paradiso.

Also, my staff had been becoming restless about missing out on a Christmas party last year (I had absconded to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia over the holiday period!) so we figured we’d better bring them along and stop their grumbling ;)

We started with a couple of bottles of bubbly and some breads. ThenĀ  a grand plate of carpaccio which was absolutely.mouth.watering and a generous serve of calamari. I am not a big fan of calamari, but those who ate it (everyone but me) said it was up there with the best they’d had.

For mains, I felt like choosing something light until I saw ‘lamb shanks’ on the menu. So that was my decision made for me, and one that I didn’t regret. Maria opted for a Caesar salad, which was clearly fresh and crisp. Nico *surprise surprise* went straight for a ham and pineapple pizza, which he assures us was delicious. Becky chose the linguine which was loaded… loaded… with seafood. Her hubby and her Mum both had the gnocchi, and a hearty serve that was. And Emma - the only one of us with the presence of mind to photograph her food - had this delightful dish:

Giant homemade tortellini *drool*

I don’t think any of us could consider anything else to eat after mains, but as time went on and the bubbly flowed, dessert did start to seem like a good idea…

Pear and ricotta cake, tiramisu, alcoholic strawberries… when are we going back to Marina Paradiso???

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