Hanmer Springs

With just one full day and night left in New Zealand, we made tracks back towards Christchurch. But we had been told of a small place inland of Christchurch called Hanmer Springs. Unsure of exactly what to expect, we decided to give it a visit.

And a good thing we did.

The drive from Westport to Hanmer Springs via Lewis Pass was nothing short of magical. Many times I wished I had my black car instead of an automatic Toyota Corolla, but then I remembered that Maria gets carsick if you take curves at high speed. Then I still wished I had my black car :)

Hanmer Springs is a resort town, a popular weekend getaway for Christchurch residents. But during the week it is less visited. We quickly chose a pleasant hotel a short walk from the springs complex, and spent the day soaking in a variety of hot pools.

But don’t worry, there was something for everyone, even the littlest of us…

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