Business as usual in Cairns and out on the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s been three weeks now since Tropical Cyclone Yasi had us all quivering in our boots. Although the cleanup is still ongoing around some regions of the Cassowary Coast, here in Cairns you would barely know that Australia’s largest cyclone in living memory had made landfall just a short distance south of our tropical city. We have been enjoying glorious weather and idyllic reef conditions for the past week or two, and customers have been returning from the Great Barrier Reef with terrific photos from our Digital Underwater Cameras.

Maria and I have been too busy to visit the reef this year so far, but our little boy Nicholas does give us a good excuse to hit the pool several times a day. He’s a real water baby… the first photo below is in our home pool, the other two are from Cairns’ lovely lagoon on the Esplanade


2 Responses to “Business as usual in Cairns and out on the Great Barrier Reef.”

  1. Gail at Large Says:

    Nicholas is super CUTE! And I see the both of you in that super cute face :)

  2. Steve Says:

    Thanks Gail, he is a right little rascal…

    I hope you are doing well.


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