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  1. amaya Says:


    we are just back from Cuba ( Oh ! Cuba) and i rushed to the computer to check whether Junior was out or not. I was counting the days guys. He LOOKS really cute, healthy and strong. Dad must be proud and mum tired !
    welcome to the most amazing adventure in life !
    So , whats the name finally ????


    Un beso muyyyyy fuerte de los cuatro a la madre sobre todo y unas palmaditas a los abueletes, que me imagino cómo deben estar babeando…..
    Oyyyyyy!! pero qué envidia ! cachis !
    Os llamamos en unos días…..cuando e´sstéis más tranquilos…..

    Amaya , Luis, Sara y Ainhoa

  2. Gail at Large Says:


    So exciting! Can’t wait to hear what his name will be…

    Gail (in Atlanta)

  3. Steve Says:

    Thanks Gail, thanks Amaya, Luis and ninjas (I misspelt that deliberately)

    His name is NICHOLAS. He is very healthy and strong (already ripped out a tuft of my treasured chest hair) and Maria is very tired after the delivery and a sleepless night staring at our sleeping baby.

    She is coming home tonight, so hopefully she will get some sleep. Nicholas is a champion sleeper so far *fingers crossed* and a great eater. He cried for a few seconds after getting his ‘welcome needle’ (Vitamin K injection that all babies get shortly after birth… how cruel) and again for the first few seconds of his first bath today. Once he got used to the water, he loved it!!

  4. Rachel Says:

    Congratulations!!!! He’s very very cute!! and the name…. you couldn’t find anyone better. Nicholas!! Wish he makes you so happy as my “little Nicolás” makes myself!!! Take good care of you three guys and a big kiss to you all, specially to mummy and grandparents that will be enjoying a lot!!!


  5. Natxo Says:


    fortunately it doesn’t look like Steve!!!

    Pero que niño tan guapooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    Now is time to enjoy it!


  6. Marta Cañellas Says:

    Tenéis un bebé precioso, qué ojazos tiene!

    besitos desde Mallorca.

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