Watch out Cairns… she’s got a hot new set of wheels!!

FINALLY… Maria’s new car arrived yesterday. I almost thought junior was going to arrive before the car did!

Maria doesn’t drive it much yet; she’s getting used to it ‘poco poco’ (a little at a time) but it’s a beauty. It’s got four doors for bundling the parents-in-law in and out of it. It’s got space in the back for not one but two baby seats/capsules. It’s got an automatic gearbox so Maria can concentrate on her iPod connectivity rather than be distracted by the nuisance of a clutch and gears. But it’s got a Tiptronic option for if she lets me have a drive!

It’s got rear park assist sensors which should give every driver and property owner in Cairns a great relief. It’s got tinted windows so the cops can’t see if the driver is talking on the phone.  

Maria likes the colour:)

2 Responses to “Watch out Cairns… she’s got a hot new set of wheels!!”

  1. Richard Gascoigne Says:

    Now we know who won the battle of decorating the car ;-0
    (As if there was ever any doubt.)

    But…maybe you can talk Maria into putting a “Cairns Unlimited” logo on her tops - getting to be lots of valuable billboard space there !
    (Sorry, Maria)

    We’re just back from a marvelous 3+wk drive from Adelaide to Brisbane, but couldn’t make the last leg to Cairns :-(
    Maybe next trip, or come visit us in Singapore.

    Have a wonderful holiday season !

    Richard & Carol

  2. Steve Says:

    Haha… there is some serious advertising real estate there these days, I agree. You are right, once Maria said that her grey car was not to be painted, there was only one way around it…

    Her grey car is now due to be decorated after we come back from Christmas. It will be for the use of our staff, and we will have two Cairnsunlimitedmobiles cruising the streets of Cairns.

    Mind you, I am a tiny bit jealous.

    Happy Christmas to you both and I hope 2010 is terrific for you!


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