A blast from the past!

Al, I didn’t forget you mate. I just wanted to get my last blog entry up as quickly as possible so people could check out one of our new websites. It’s still under construction, but it’s a start… check out driving on the Bloomfield Track.

Now… a few days before Eddie and Julie arrived, Maria and I were enjoying a *rare* leisurely Saturday morning out shopping. We were driving the Cairnsunlimitedmobile along Mulgrave Road when an old 4WD pulled alonside us and the bearded driver called out “Hey is that you Steve??”

Bugger me if it wasn’t Alistair, an English guy I knew when I was living in a small village south of London over five years ago. He had just driven from Brisbane and the first car he saw upon reaching Cairns was ours… the bright blue and multicoloured artwork temporarily blinded him and caused him to swerve wildly. When he regained his sight he remembered that a mutual friend had told him of my business called Cairns Unlimited.

Al stayed at our place that night, and needless to say there were headaches all round the next morning.

NOW… who still thinks we shouldn’t decorate Maria’s car???

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  1. Rosemary Slosek Says:

    As one of those people you stayed with 6 years ago ;) I still say don’t paint it, you’re distinctive enough Steve… hehe.

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