Christmas in Spain

We’re already back in Cairns, after spending four weeks on holidays. Did I say four weeks? Jes, time flies and it seems like yesterday when we were packing our things and saying goodbye to Danny, Anna, William and Chloe.

After our stopover in Japan we arrived in Madrid, extremely tired but eager to see everyone. My mum, my dad, my sister Rocio and three of my uncles were waiting for us at the airport. I was soooooooooooo happy to see them all again, and to be able to communicate in Spanish.

Well, as you can imagine, in three weeks with family and friends we managed to do lots of things and see many people. I won’t even atempt to detail every single day, but as you can imagine we saw family:

Many of the members of my mum's family

With my uncles on January 5th, when Spanish kids get their presents My Mum

We also had time to see friends (many of whom had already new additions to their families):

With some of my former colleagues from Nortel Bea, one of my girlfriends

More friends, some from Nortel and Carmen, with whom I've had crazy nights Candy and Gen, two crazy American girls in Madrid

Very good friends of mine, whom I met many years ago With the group of expats Steve met when he first arrived in Madrid

Bego, we became friends on our school trip to Italy and have been friends ever since Ex Nortel collegue, whom I went to Sardinia with. A long story

We also had thematic dinners:

Some of my girlfriends from work.

My group of male friends from Nortel. I am another boy amongst them

We also ate as if we hadn’t eaten before:

Steve and my Dad, celebrating Christmas Eve With my Aunti and Uncle, enjoying a four hour lunch

But most of all, we saw lots of people we love!!!!

My friend Natalia, who's going to be a Mum very soon And the father of the baby, at least that's what he was told

My little sister with Steve. Isn't she beautiful.... My mother and my little sis, two of the people I love most

We had a great time. Hope to see you all again soon, maybe in Australia??????????

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