Jump on - Jump off Cairns tourist bus

Sometimes, you see a new business and you think “It’s about time someone started that”. This is one of those times. Countless cities around the world have an established ‘jump on-jump off’ bus route which takes visitors to all the major tourist attractions; I know London does this beautifully, and Madrid does as well, just to name a couple. And now… so does Cairns!

Although Cairns can’t quite be compared to London or Madrid, and the city centre is really quite compact, some of the popular attractions are located outside of the CBD and well beyond what most people would consider ‘walking distance’. The Flecker Botanical Gardens, for example, are 4.5 kilometres from the city centre. The popular Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre is a little further. Sure there are local buses, but who can figure out the bus routes and timetables?

With Cairns Explorer, you know that the bus does a continual loop every hour, so if you disembark at the Esplanade at ten past eleven, you know it will be swinging by again at ten past twelve to take you to your next destination. The route takes in Cairns Central Shopping Centre, the Esplanade, the Cairns Wildlife Dome, the Jack Barnes Bicentennial Mangrove Boardwalk, the RFDS Visitor Centre, the Flecker Botanical Gardens, and … wait for it… even Cairns’ newest and tastiest attraction, the Blue Sky Brewery which Maria mentioned in her previous blog post.

For $20, it’s a great way to orientate yourself and see the best of what Cairns has to offer without wearing yourself out. Like I said, it’s about time someone started offering this type of service!

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5 Responses to “Jump on - Jump off Cairns tourist bus”

  1. Gail at Large Says:

    Finally! Man, I wish that service existed when I lived there (second half of ‘92). Sure beats having to hitch a lift everywhere, and the places I liked to get to weren’t very close together.

    I’m sure Cairns is a totally different place from what I can remember. Would love to get back there someday — who knows where you’ll be then, Steve!

  2. Luis Says:

    Ey! How are you? Here Luis from Gran Canaria, Spain! Finally, I found the website, and this sunday morning (10:15 am local time) I just wanted to say hello to Steve and my great travel-friend Maria!

    I hope to see with muy own eyes this places you talk, someday… who knows!?

    Please, take care and enjoy the life!

    Luis + family (always in our heart!!!)

  3. Megan from Imaginif Says:

    This is a great service for Cairns. I have done a bus orientation tour in all the cities over the world I have travelled to to. It makes it so much easier to know what the lay and spread of the city is and what is worthy of a second look. I think I may just pretend to be a tourist and do the tour myself - then I can blog a review on it.

  4. Blog on Cairns cos its the end of winter | Imaginif Child Protection became Serious Business Says:

    […] Unlimited: Do you all yet know of the Jump on - Jump off Cairns tourist bus? What a great idea. Has anyone done it yet? I aim to but just cannot seem to get a free afternoon […]

  5. Maria Says:

    Hi Luis,
    I hope some day you can come and visit us here. I know you would absolutely love this area.
    Lots of love to you, Elena and the kids

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