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Another day in paradise

Friday, January 27th, 2012

You wouldn’t know it, but apparently (according to the weather bureau) it is teeming with rain and howling with wind here in Cairns today. Apparently (from the impression that you get from the news) we are even under flood.

The photo above was taken this morning, right before I washed my car and hung a load of washing out to dry. It is the view from our balcony, looking over the suburbs of Cairns and out to Green Island.

The inaccuracy of the weather forecasts over recent days would be laughable if it wasn’t having a measurable effect on our business. Rentals of digital¬†underwater cameras had been busier than ever this month, with near perfect conditions most days. But since the bureau started forecasting doom and gloom several days ago, rentals have dropped off markedly.

Right now it is just after 12:00noon; it’s 30degrees with blue skies and a gentle, refreshing sea breeze. This is the greatest place on Earth.