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Rainforest Rescue

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Heard of Rainforest Rescue? We have been keen supporters of their work for a while now…¬†

This week we have started to allow videos to be included in the listings on Cairns Unlimited, and I am sure this will help advertisers to really¬†engage with our readers… and to stand out from the competition.

Always busy… always something new…

Are we back in Spain?

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

We had a fantastic weekend, at least, a weekend as such, getting together with people and enjoying ourselves. Nonetheless, we had to do a few hours work Saturday or Sunday, but it wasn’t too bad, I guess.

On Saturday we got together with a group of Spanish people living in Cairns or close to Cairns. Most of them have been in the country for over 25 years, so they’re real Aussies now, although with a Spanish heart deep down. We organised a barbecue in Palm Cove, one of the beautiful beaches north of Cairns, problably the most beautiful of all. There was lots and lots of food and amongst them, Spanish omelette, croquettes and Russian salad, three of the many dishes that are always present in any Spanish outing or get together. You won’t believe how much I enjoyed those dishes, reminded me of my mum and her cooking. I’m sooooo glad they’re coming to visit us in just over four weeks…

We all had a laugh and I think Steve enjoyed himself a lot too. Normally he feels a bit left out when a group of Spanish speaking people get together. But because everybody here spoke both languages fluently, even himself although he will deny it so he can eavesdrop a bit, he was able to tell his jokes and stories and make everyone laugh.

It really felt like being at home again, so thank everybody for making it happen. Hopefully it won’t be the last time.

And yesterday, Sunday, our neighbour Leanne invited us over to her place for lunch, with our other neighbours, Evelyn and Steve. Food was absolutely delicious, although I wish I could wash it down with a bit of wine, but I guess water will have to do for the time being. We moved from the lounge room to the garden, and kept on talking and talking. And of course, eating and drinking. And when we realised, it was already after 8pm. Just like a lazy Spanish lunch on a Sunday afternoon. I loved it so thanks Leanne as well.

Today we’re back to work, full time, but my cousin is visiting for a couple of days. What a treat I’m having these last few days…