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Mum and bub visit Green Island

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Tuesday is usually a busy day for me, but I didn’t need much convincing when Maria suggested a morning on Green Island. It was a lovely sunny day (I know, I know… like every other day in our tropical paradise!!) and the water conditions were great; 10 to 15 knot winds and less than 1.0metre swell.

We had been to Green Island before of course, but ‘junior’ had never been and we were sure he would enjoy a bit of sunshine after being stuck in the office for so long. Also, swimming is great exercise for Mum and bub both.

Just a shame we had to come back to work the afternoon and evening. One of these days, we will get a real break…

As one of us gets bigger by the day, the other is shrinking. Thanks to a rigorous daily gym routine and a ridiculously strict diet consisting basically of breakfast cereal and lettuce, I have managed to shed six unwanted kilos in the last four weeks. Three more weeks, three more kilos and then I can return to my happy diet of potato crisps and beer.

I must admit that I broke my diet just a little last night and ate a whole brie cheese with a bottle of Shiraz… might have to make up for that with an extra session or two on the rowing machine :(